[May 2024 Newsletter] Discover how 'Make in Vietnam' AI healthcare products have conquered the world

May 16, 2024
Author: VinBrain

From the spirit of 'Give First' to the journey of bringing AI to billions (25/04/2019 - 25/04/2024)

Five years ago, VinBrain embarked on a distinct path, pioneering meaningful solutions to address healthcare challenges, promote healthcare equity, and enhance healthcare quality for all through the power of AI.

We've navigated uncharted territory with a "give first" ethos and achieved remarkable milestones. Join VinBrain on our journey filled with exciting possibilities!

The global pioneer in liver cancer solutions with AI

Liver cancer stands as one of the most perilous and complex ailments. VinBrain believes that utilizing AI technology can aid in early detection and accurately assess the size and location of tumors, crucial in liver surgery where mortality rates are high.

Though developing AI products in this field requires long-term investment, vast data, support from medical professionals, as well as continuous assessment and improvement, VinBrain is determined to make a difference! See more…

Our highlights in harnessing AI to save lives

As a vanguard of using AI technology to detect liver tumors, DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, distinguished for its research published in the esteemed journal Nature in 2023, proudly stands as Vietnam's unique technology unit in healthcare that garnered the Gold Prize in the Innovation category at the ASEAN Digital Awards in 2024. This achievement highlighted the company at the Sao Khue Cup in April of the same year.

Surpassing more than 300 Healthtech startups across the Asia-Pacific region, VinBrain emerged as the solitary Vietnamese AI technology firm to compete at Singapore's Medtech Innovator 2024. Held on April 16th, this event is recognized as one of the globe's foremost Healthtech promotion programs by Silicon Valley Bank's Cipher Bio.

Moreover, during a recent interview on CNN, Mr. Ahmed Mazhari, Chairman of Microsoft Asia, showcased VinBrain as an example of successfully applying Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in Asia to develop pioneering products, achieving up to 95% precision in cancer detection.

Is a Game-Changer DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution driving healthcare digitalization?

The healthcare sector in developing countries is facing numerous challenges in comprehensive digitalization. Serving both doctors and healthcare managers, DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution with its 'Data Lake' as the core infrastructure harnesses AI technology to store, screen, analyze, and forecast healthcare data for medical managers. Additionally, intelligent platforms like DrAid™ open new prospects for precision medicine and personalized treatment. Read more at...

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