Groundbreaking research on liver cancer detection from VinBrain makes waves in Nature Scientific Reports

November 10, 2023
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Our team of Applied Scientists has accomplished a significant breakthrough in the field of liver cancer detection. Their paper, freshly published in the prestigious Nature Scientific Reports, introduces a novel method for processing multiphase CT liver imaging, enhancing the screening process for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). 

Scientific Reports, a top-tier Q1 journal, is renowned for its multidisciplinary focus, covering natural sciences, psychology, medicine, and engineering. With a H-index of 282, it stands as the 5th most-cited journal globally. 

The crux of the study lies in the innovative use of wavelet radiomics features. By enriching the representations of liver lesions, the researchers have pioneered a method that significantly improves the differentiation between HCC and non-HCC tumors. This breakthrough holds immense potential for early detection and improved patient outcomes in HCC, the most common type of liver cancer. 

Our research team, comprising Van Ha Tang (the first author), Soan T. M. Duong, Chanh D. Tr. Nguyen, Thanh M. Huynh, Vo T. Duc, Chien Phan, Huyen Le, Trung Bui, and Steven Q. H. Truong, collaborated with experts from UMC hospital to bring this groundbreaking study to fruition. 

This achievement is a testament to the high-quality, innovative work being conducted by the Vietnamese researchers. It not only propels Vietnam to the forefront of medical imaging and liver cancer detection but also contributes significantly to global scientific advancements. 

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