CEO VinBrain has unveiled a solution to help people avoid repetitive testing during hospital visits

May 10, 2024
Author: Nguyen Phuong

In the report "Overview of Open Innovation Landscape in Vietnam," the vast and diverse amount of healthcare data has been revealed, and managing and integrating this data remains a significant challenge. 

Healthcare data stored across various systems such as HIS, RIS, LIS... not only increases dispersion but also creates difficulties in linking information and managing efficiently. Moreover, data (from texts to medical images) from many sources are inconsistent in format, complicating data integration and analysis when needed.  

Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, CEO and founder of VinBrain, emphasized, “Fragmented medical data exists not only at the regional level but also within a hospital." 

The content of the " Digital Transformation Program until 2025, with a vision towards 2030" of the Ministry of Health also outlines the vision of forming a healthcare system with three main contents: smart disease prevention, smart healthcare, and smart healthcare management. 

The current digitization of the healthcare industry faces many challenges, including centralized healthcare data management, drug management, and electronic patient records (EMRs). The lack of data standardization and inefficient information interoperability makes management difficult, affecting the quality of healthcare services and hindering the ability to provide accurate and personalized healthcare services to patients. 

The current healthcare system faces a challenge: fragmented patient data. Citizens visiting hospitals, public or private, encounter the same hurdle – their medical information remains isolated and lacks standardization. This not only creates long wait times due to overwhelming systems, but also hinders proper follow-up care due to incomplete medical histories. To overcome these obstacles and achieve true digitization, the healthcare sector needs to take control of its data. This requires a large, intelligent, and robust data management system capable of handling millions of daily entries, ensuring efficient storage, processing, and ultimately, improved patient care. 

Experts believe that building a centralized healthcare data foundation can be considered the "backbone" for the success of smart healthcare management, in which applying artificial intelligence (AI) is considered a breakthrough solution and the key to assisting.   

According to Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, VinBrain's AI solution, DrAid™ Healthcare Data Management (Enterprise Data Solution), can bring about positive changes in the industry. This is an advanced AI solution for storing, analyzing, and managing healthcare data based on Big Data, using AI-generated technology and computer vision. 

The Data Lake plays a central role in DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution, a platform that helps store, connect, filter, and standardize healthcare data from various systems such as HIS, RIS, PACS... Consequently, DrAid™ can build lifelong healthcare data infrastructure for hospitals and healthcare facilities, enhancing the efficiency of healthcare management and provision. 

The Data Lake brings numerous practical benefits to Vietnam's healthcare management system by facilitating multi-level data interoperability. It enables seamless data connectivity between departments or centers within the same hospital and between hospitals at the central, provincial, and district levels. The data infrastructure also connects upper and lower-tier facilities, including satellite hospital chains. As a result, patients can receive seamless and more effective healthcare, no matter where they are.

DrAid Enterprise Data Solution

CEO VinBrain also emphasizes DrAid™ focuses on optimizing data management and ensuring safety and security through advanced measures. The system integrates appropriate security solutions, including encryption and access control, to protect sensitive healthcare data optimally. This AI platform strictly adheres to legal regulations on personal data protection, ensuring patient information is safely protected and only used for legitimate purposes. The system is also equipped with specific incident handling measures suitable for healthcare systems at all levels, ensuring effective response to potential incidents.   

DrAid™ complies with the most advanced global healthcare standards, including implementing the HL7 FHIR international data standard. Adhering to HL7 FHIR enables DrAid™ to deliver many practical benefits, such as enhancing interoperability, increasing data accuracy and security, supporting real-time care, and improving patient experience. HL7 FHIR is currently being implemented in developed countries.   

Recently, DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution was one of the three technology solutions of VinBrain honored with the Sao Khue Award 2024 in Digital Transformation category. This award is a steppingstone for DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution to reach more nationwide hospitals and to drive comprehensive digital transformation in healthcare, meeting the increasing demand for data ownership. It also enhances the efficiency of healthcare service delivery and management, and research and training activities.   

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