Steven Quoc Hung Truong
Before VinBrain, Mr. Steven QH Truong was Director of AI Innovations and Engineering – reported directly to Exec VP of MSAI at Microsoft USA, leading multinational teams and key innovators for impactful projects such as Smart Reply for hundred of millions of Microsoft Outlook users where AI can auto-generate contextual, suggested replies to emails; and the co-inventor of iRanker for personalization ranking important emails, important people and important topics based on Office 365 big data of over 350 million users.

Steven Quoc Hung Truong

Chief Executive Officer


Ph.D Nguyen Do Trung Chanh

Chanh obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. Then he spent 7 years in Korea to get MSc and Ph.D. degree at SeoulTech and KAIST, respectively. His researches are robot vision, 3D reconstruction and image enhancement. He joined FPT Japan from 2018 as an AI Scientist.

Nguyen Do Trung Chanh

PhD, Head of AI - Computer Vision

Master of Science Ta Duc Huy

Huy has contributed a lot of research in the field of AI research and development in real life. He has worked for Ge3f Robotics and Cinnamon AI; Top 5 in the Entropy data analysis contest of JVN.

Ta Duc Huy

McS, AI Expert - Image Processing

Nguyen Hoang Nam

Nam graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education. He has 7 years of experience as a Software Engineer at technology companies such as ELCA VN and GoBear.

Nguyen Hoang Nam

Head of Application

Nguyen Van Duong

Mr. Duong has 10 year experience   at companies providing software solutions such as eSoft Vietnam, Pentalog Vietnam, Anevia, Duong has plenty of experience in handling, remediation and delivering optimal solutions in operating and deploying software solutions.

Nguyen Van Duong

Head of Deployment and Operations Department

Nguy?n D??ng Du

Before joining VinBrain, Tan had 6 years of practical experience in software development and web development applications, providing digital solutions in technology companies such as Tyme Digital, Robert Bosch Vietnam …

Bui Duc Thai Tan

Head of AIScaler Platform & ML Engineering

Duong Quy Giap

Giap has over 12 years of experience in software development, leading team management at companies such as SETACINQ Vietnam, AscentNetwork, Esoft Vietnam, YAN Digital...

Duong Quy Giap

Head of Customization and Integration

Nguy?n D??ng Du

Mr. Du has 15 years of experience in software development management, product feature development management, customer management and presales. He participated in many projects from outsourcing to engineer, product manager, and operations manager in domestic and international corporations.

Nguyen Duong Du

Head of Healthcare Product Management

Nguy?n Ng?c Ho?ng

While studying in Korea, he spent a lot of time researching on AI application topics such as action recognition, gesture recognition, intelligent communication, and emotion recognition. His researches at VinBrain was ranked Top 4 in CheXpert competition; Top 1,2 in 2 times to attend hackathons organized by the company; Top model for TB diagnosis evaluated by FIT…

Nguyen Ngoc Hoang

Team Leader - Model Optimization

Mr. Hung has 2 years of experience working in natural language processing (NLP), recommender system in an international environment at the world's most valuable startup. He holds the SDS MicroMasters certificate from MIT (the world's No. 1 university of science and technology). He is the lead author of a scientific paper published at InterSpeech 2021.

Nguyen Manh Hung

AI Specialist - Applied Scientist

Nguyen Nhat Linh

Nhat Linh was always a student with excellent achievements and won a scholarship of Japan Airlines and the NASIC Student Support Association. Aft914er completing a scholarship program in Japan, Nhat Linh started working at Cinnamon AI lab for 2.5 years as Project Manager.

Nguyen Nhat Linh

Product Management Specialist