VinBrain Participated in Medtech Innovator Program 2024 in Singapore

April 25, 2024
Author: VinBrain

VinBrain, a Vietnamese AI healthcare startup, triumphed over 300 competitors in the Asia-Pacific region to present its DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment product at a physical pitch event in Singapore on April 16th. 

DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer D&T, with recent remarkable achievements including the Gold Prize at the 2024 ASEAN Digital Awards in the Digital Innovation category and features in world-renowned scientific journals like Nature, PubMed, and BVMC2022, was selected to be presented at this competition. 

With a groundbreaking AI algorithm and a mission to combat global cancer, DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer entered MedTech Innovator 2024. Their goals were two-fold: to impress international investors and expand the reach of VinBrain's impactful AI solution. This will ultimately accelerate DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer's global adoption and benefit patients worldwide. 

Medtech Innovator is an annual global competition in Medical Technology. It is considered one of the world's largest healthcare technology accelerator programs (according to Silicon Valley Bank's CipherBio). The credibility of the competition also comes from the judging panel, comprising the most outstanding C-Level executives in the healthcare technology sector in the region. 

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