VinBrain, AI HealthTech startup, scored a "hat-trick" with 3 Sao Khue Awards 2024 in the first participation

April 13, 2024
Author: VinBrain

VinBrain received the Sao Khue Award 2024 in 3 categories: Digital Transformation, Healthcare and Wellbeing, and Innovation 

VinBrain - an AI HealthTech startup under Vingroup conglomerate, garnered acclaim at the 2024 Sao Khue Awards during a ceremony held on April 13th in Hanoi. This recognition was for their trio of exceptional artificial intelligence (AI) solutions as part of the DrAid™ AI platform: DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution, DrAid™ for TB Screening, and DrAid™ Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment. 

Ms. Hoang Thi Tu Trinh, VinBrain's Product Manager, received the award in the Digital Transformation category

DrAidEnterprise Data Solution is one of the three IT solutions this year, receiving the Sao Khue Award in the Digital Transformation category. DrAid Enterprise Data Solution (comprising 4 solutions: Data Lake, Data Management and Knowledge System, EMR Smart Analytics, Smart Automatic Report Generation, Hospital Dashboard & Predictive Analytics) promotes comprehensive digital transformation in the healthcare industry, aiming for the goal of "1 patient 1 record", by leveraging the boundless power of AI to structure, analyze, and manage centralized healthcare data, opening up new prospects for precise and personalized healthcare. Notably within the platform, DrAid Copilot is a 24/7 virtual medical assistant dedicated to doctors and healthcare managers, leveraging generative AI and medical knowledge the first and only in Southeast Asia. DrAid Enterprise Data Solution is a breakthrough for healthcare management not only for Vietnam but also beneficial to developing countries. 

Ms. Nguyen Lan Phuong, VinBrain's Marketing Manager, received the award in the Healthcare and Wellbeing category. 

The second solution to win the Sao Khue Award 2024 is DrAid™ for Tuberculosis (TB) Screening in the Healthcare and Wellbeing category. Besides VinBrain, only two other representatives received the same honor from dozens of nominations this year. DrAid™ for TB Screening stands out with its higher sensitivity and specificity rates for detecting tuberculosis compared to the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO). DrAid™ for TB Screening is at the forefront of employing AI to swiftly and precisely identify latent TB using chest X-rays. It serves as an innovative, comprehensive tool for pulmonary TB screening in adults and children ages 3-15. Its ability to rapidly detect diseases (with a 15-20 second image analysis time), coupled with affordable costs, make DrAid™ an ideal solution for reaching remote areas. It's well-suited for a wide range of screening programs and offers essential support, particularly for primary healthcare facilities with few radiologists or TB experts available.   

This meaningful solution is expected to help save tens of thousands of lives in Vietnam annually. By enabling early detection, timely treatment, and reduced community transmission, DrAid™ for TB Screening contributes significantly to Vietnam's commitment to ending TB by 2035. Its effectiveness is further underscored by being the only software chosen by the Global Fund to screen 1 million people in Vietnam's National TB Control Program in 2024. 

Ms. Hoang Thi Tu Trinh, VinBrain's Product Manager, received the award in the Innovation category. 

Completing VinBrain's hat-trick at the Sao Khue Award 2024 is DrAid™ Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment (including DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer D&T and DrAid™ MRI Rectal Cancer D&T), recognized in the Innovation category. This innovative AI platform focuses on early detection and treatment of Liver and Rectal Cancer. By automatically segmenting lesions and tumors in CT and MRI images, it reduces diagnosis time for doctors and improves treatment precision, ultimately saving more lives and delivering substantial social impact. This solution stands out as VinBrain's AI solution with the most international recognition. This recognition stems from its breakthrough value in pioneering AI technology for medical applications, its humanitarian significance, and its potential for global impact, as evidenced by its success in scientific research and awards. The product is undergoing FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approval for soon commercialization in the US market during 2024.   

The Sao Khue Awards (also known as the Vietnam ICT Excellence), organized annually by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), have honored thousands of outstanding "Make-in-Vietnam" ICT solutions and products over the past 21 years, many of which have achieved remarkable business success. The Sao Khue Awards 2024 affirm the significant importance of AI in today's era. VinBrain is proud to have three products among the 33 AI, cloud computing, and Big Data solutions recognized at Sao Khue 2024. VinBrain's remarkable achievement of sweeping all three categories in its first-ever Sao Khue Awards participation is not only a source of immense pride for the company but also a significant milestone for Vingroup as a whole. This success serves as a catalyst for the digital transformation of Vietnam's healthcare industry and paves the way for VinBrain's global expansion strategy.  


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