Our Mission

Infuse AI and IoT into healthcare to improve people’s lives and productivity
Transform healthcare
Provide equitable access for everyone to the best healthcare solutions, knowledge & services
Streamline doctor’s workflow

Our Vision

To provide access for everyone to the world's best healthcare anywhere, anytime

5 Personality Traits

Passion Passion
At VinBrain, we believe in doing what we love and putting both our heart and mind into it. We always encourage our team members to experience with different projects and job roles to find out what they are most passionate about.
Creativity Creativity
As a technology company, VinBrain always look for innovative solutions to improve human lives and productivity, keeping our proactive mindset to adapt to a rapidly changing world.
Vitality Vitality
We strive to approach our work with 100% positive energy, believing that “the glass is always half full”.
Growth Growth
We strive to be better every day with constant effort and persistence, setting our goal to become industry leader and expanding our products internationally.
Trust Trust
Delivering on promises and commitments to our valued partners, customers and the community is what VinBrain defines our professionalism.

Awards and Recognition