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Ứng dụng AI chẩn đoán sớm ung thư: Tiềm năng, cơ hội, thách thức
AI Technology May 21, 2024

AI in Early Cancer Detection: Potential, Opportunities, and Challenges

Cancer remains a global concern. Scientists anticipate using AI in early cancer diagnosis to solve this revolutionary problem.
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Tuberculosis (TB) - Causes, Symptoms, Methods & Costs

Tuberculosis (TB) - One of the most dangerous infectious diseases. Let's explore the testing methods and testing costs with VinBrain.
Health April 10, 2024
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Supporting Vietnamese digital technology businesses to approach foreign markets

In the first months of 2024, the digital technology business community received good news when 4 products won ASEAN Digital Awards 2024. The event marked a series of activities to support Vietnamese digital technology businesses reaching out to foreign markets.
VinBrainers/Experts February 25, 2024
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Adopt LLM chatbot into healthcare: DrAid™ Copilot - the first chatbot for medical professionals in Southeast Asia

True to its name, Copilot, this assistant optimally meets all the information and healthcare data needs of doctors and managers, swiftly filtering and assisting them in making the most accurate and objective decisions.
AI Technology April 5, 2024
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Can Pipe Tobacco Eliminate Tuberculosis? The Truth Revealed!

Let us clarify the relationship between pipe tobacco and tuberculosis
Health March 19, 2024


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