VinBrain proud to be one of the “Glory Vietnam 2024” honorees

May 20, 2024
Author: VinBrain

Hanoi, May 19, 2024 – VinBrain, an AI Healthtech startup invested by Vingroup, is proud to be top ten entities honored at the "Glory Vietnam 2024" program for its breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The award ceremony was held ceremoniously at the Hanoi Opera House on May 19, 2024, marking the 20-year journey since the inaugural program. 

The “Glory Vietnam” program is a special political-cultural event that honors exemplary pioneers and outstanding enterprises in the patriotic emulation movement and the national construction and defense endeavor. With the theme "20 years of unleashing Vietnam's power," VinBrain was privileged to be the only medical technology company named in the top 10 exemplary entities honored this year. At various levels, VinBrain has been spreading inspiration and motivation throughout society with its "Make-in-Vietnam" intelligent AI medical technology products reaching international standards. 

In the past five years, VinBrain, a startup, has rapidly grown and helped position Vietnam on the global AI healthcare map. The startup has not only brought advanced world-class AI solutions to serve domestic healthcare units but also successfully conquered some major international markets including the United States, India, and Australia. These AI solutions focus on addressing urgent issues in the healthcare sector, including diagnostic support, disease treatment (including cancer), and hospital data management. Currently, VinBrain and its groundbreaking AI platforms have served over 2,000 doctors at more than 182 global hospitals, benefiting over 2 million patients. The company is also Vietnam's sole representative to twice clinch the Gold Cup at the ASEAN Digital Awards within three years for its AI healthcare solutions, and to win 3 out of 3 times at the 2024 Sao Khue Awards for its first participation, alongside numerous achievements in another academic researches. 

The nomination and recognition at "Glory Vietnam 2024" come as a timely source of strength for VinBrain to ignite its mission: to widely deploy useful AI-integrated products to many localities, serving diverse target groups, and promoting equality in healthcare. Also, the company continues to develop more advanced products, bringing greater practical value to the professional work of doctors and hospital management, thus enhancing the quality of healthcare services. 

"We hope that the program will continue to disseminate the message of Vietnam's strength and potential, while encouraging everyone to contribute and develop in the most positive way possible." - Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, Co-founder and CEO of VinBrain, stated. 

The event is an opportunity for pioneering enterprises to continue their efforts, accelerating the pace of bringing Vietnam's values to the world and expanding international markets. The position of Vietnamese AI is gradually being built on the trust, aspirations, and dedication of individuals and organization like VinBrain. Driven by a relentless commitment to improving lives for all, Vietnam's medical AI industry boasts a rich history that continues to be shaped by dedicated hearts.  

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