108 Central Military Hospital and VinBrain join forces to drive digital transformation through AI technology

May 20, 2024
Author: VinBrain

Hanoi, May 18, 2024VinBrain Joint Stock Company and 108 Military Central Hospital have officially signed a strategic partnership agreement to apply information technology and artificial intelligence in management, professional support, and scientific research amid the vigorous digitalization of the healthcare sector as the Ministry of Health Circular 46/2018. The agreement enables both parties to jointly develop smart healthcare solutions that meet the increasing healthcare demands of the population and achieve high efficiency in the management and operation of this top-tier hospital.

Overview of the Signing Ceremony

The collaboration focuses on three focal pillars: (1) Applying artificial intelligence technology (AI) in medical treatment and hospital management; (2) research and development; (3) scientific research. The DrAid™ and chatbot SenMe™ products will serve as the principal platforms in this collaboration. Prior to signing, VinBrain has conducted pilot research and testing of AI solutions in several departments of 108 Military Central Hospital. Initial results demonstrate that VinBrain's AI solutions have achieved exceptional effectiveness.

108 Military Central Hospital (108 Hospital), a leading general hospital, boasts a team of nearly 3,000 experts and medical staff, operating 114 departments, centers, and units. With the capacity to accommodate over 1 million patients annually, 108 Hospital manages thousands of procedures and tasks in healthcare delivery and management. However, given the current situation, with a limited information technology (IT) workforce, insufficient and uncoordinated professional and management processes, and inadequate IT infrastructure, 108 Military Central Hospital urgently needs to embrace IT in general, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular, to enhance its clinical and operational management.

DrAid™, a comprehensive AI platform, offers two key benefits: First, it significantly improves diagnostic imaging processes and effectiveness, enabling doctors to make quicker and more accurate treatment decisions. Second, it processes medical data from various sources, from storage to extraction, analysis, and trend prediction, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

In addition to DrAid™, VinBrain introduces SenMe™, a 24/7 AI chatbot designed to support users' mental health care. SenMe™ utilizes GenAI technology to facilitate natural language conversations, enabling it to detect early signs of psychological issues, suggest stress-reducing solutions, and provide psychological support.

Major General, Prof. Dr. Le Huu Song - Director of 108 Central Military Hospital speaks

Speaking at the signing ceremony, representatives from VinBrain and 108 Hospital expressed their confidence and expectations for the results of this collaboration. Major General Prof. Dr. Le Huu Song - Director of 108 Military Central Hospital, affirmed: “We are very busy with the daily demands of clinical care, making it challenging to dedicate time to research new technologies. Therefore, collaboration between both parties can facilitate the development of immediately applicable technological solutions for the hospital.”

Mr. Steven Truong - Founder and CEO of VinBrain speaks

“The collaboration with 108 Hospital is expected to accelerate the hospital's digital transformation process through AI, contributing to the advancement of the entire healthcare sector in Vietnam,” the founder and CEO of VinBrain shared.

The collaboration between VinBrain and 108 Military Central Hospital represents a significant advancement in the application of AI in healthcare in Vietnam. This partnership will contribute to enhancing the quality of healthcare services and improving treatment outcomes for millions of Vietnamese citizens.

Both parties sign the Memorandum of Understanding


VinBrain, funded by Vingroup, is a pioneering health technology company developing AI platforms for diagnosis, treatment, and hospital data management in Vietnam. Despite being a start-up, VinBrain has firmly established its role in advising and implementing digital healthcare transformation, adhering to the most advanced international standards in product research and development. VinBrain's solutions have been successfully deployed in over 182 hospitals across Vietnam, United States, India, and Australia, aiding healthcare professionals in improving work efficiency and providing precise healthcare services.


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