VinBrain hợp tác VT Healthcare nhân rộng sản phẩm AI trong y tế Calendar 24/09/2022

VinBrain cooperates with VT Healthcare to replicate AI products in healthcare

The first artificial intelligence application product that meets FDA standards in Vietnam "DrAid™ for Radiology...
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Quản lý hồ sơ sức khỏe chủ động và trọn đời với hệ sinh thái DrAid™ và AIviCare™ Calendar 24/09/2022

Proactive and lifetime health record management with the DrAid™ and AIviCare™ ecosystems

Can an individual's health record be stored for life, easily accessible anywhere, anytime, like how...
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DrAid™ - “Trợ lý AI” đầu tiên tại Đông Nam Á đạt chuẩn FDA Hoa Kỳ Calendar 24/09/2022

DrAid™ - The first "AI Assistant" in SEA to meet FDA standards

VinBrain's DrAid™ product has officially been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)....
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Webinar: AI IN HEALTHCARE & IMAGING Calendar 14/09/2022


Coming to this number of times, we will have a more specific look at the...
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Calendar 07/09/2022

Intelligent Health 2022 - The world's leading AI in medicine summit series

Taking place in 2 days, September 7th & 8th, in Basel, Switzerland, the Intelligent Health...
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Vietnam Startup Day 2022 Calendar 25/08/2022

Vietnam Startup Day 2022

After 9 years with 612 successful investment deals within the program's framework and a total...
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VinBrain - Vì một thế giới tốt đẹp hơn Calendar 24/08/2022

VinBrain - For a better world

With over 700,000 patients receiving care online through AIviCare™, With more than 100 domestic and...
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