VinBrain (Vingroup)’s DrAid™ Supporting Pulmonary and Oncology Care solution landing on Ferrum Health’s International AI Catalog

October 19, 2022
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DrAid™ Teleradiology solution, a product of VinBrain (of Vingroup) is now officially listed on Ferrum Health’s international AI platform, enabling health systems to use AI innovation across a broader patient journey.  

Sunnyvale, California (July 21, 2022) - Ferrum Health, the industry leader in enterprise AI solutions for global health systems, announces that VinBrain’s DrAidTeleradiology solution is immediately available on the Ferrum AI Hub platform. DrAid™ leverages AI in radiology to support healthcare professionals in detecting abnormalities on chest x-rays.  

Preventable medical errors affect up to 7 million patients and cost over $20 billion annually, but the cost is more than just financial. Medical errors compromise patient care and can lead to poor patient outcomes and even death. Errors of omission, or diagnostic errors, are a significant challenge in today's healthcare environment. Staffing shortages, fatigue, time pressures, and clinical skill level can all play a role. A recent European study highlights that of the 1 billion imaging exams completed worldwide each year, at least 40 million include errors. 

“Our platform enables AI to be used across an entire health system. Enterprise AI is a powerful tool that addresses medical error with a second read and supports equitable care across an entire network of health facilities,” said Pelu Tran, CEO, and Co-Founder of Ferrum Health. “At the clinical level, AI supports the radiologist in providing the highest quality patient care.” 

Intensive care unit (ICU) patients regularly have chest images taken at the bedside with a portable x-ray machine. These patients often present with several abnormal findings, and multiple medical monitoring devices visible on the chest x-rays, making diagnosis more difficult. DrAid™ accurately analyzed the suspected pneumothorax on the x-ray image of a complex ICU patient with many overlapping findings. 

DrAid™ detects and highlights the pneumothorax via heat mapping.  

 With the addition of DrAid™, Ferrum's AI platform expands the clinical tools available to health systems, enabling AI support across the patient journey. DrAid™ detects abnormalities on chest x-rays, adding a second read for lung nodules and pneumothorax. Ferrum's enterprise AI platform simplifies the use of healthcare AI, allowing health systems to deploy multiple AI algorithms system-wide. Ferrum's AI platform integrates a vast catalog of validated AI applications in the oncology, orthopedic, trauma, vascular, and neurology clinical space.  

 “I feel grateful for the opportunity to work with Ferrum Health, to bring a bigger impact to the healthcare community. We look forward to our long-term partnership on this journey to solve humanity's problems together,” said Steven Quoc Hung Truong, VinBrain CEO. “With each VinBrain product, we aim to help people and improve their quality of life through digital health with AI at the core.” 

About Ferrum Health  

Ferrum Health developed an enterprise AI deployment platform to improve patient outcomes by democratizing health systems' access to the most innovative and impactful clinical AI technologies from around the world. The solution provides end-to-end AI Hubs able to run countless applications across many service lines and seamlessly integrates clinical imaging and administrative data. As of 2022, more than 750,000 unique patient records have been clearly analyzed via the Ferrum AI Hub platform. For more information: www.ferrumhealth.com  

 About VinBrain 

VinBrain was established with the mission of improving people's lives and productivity with the power of AI and IoT. The company aims to provide and equalize everyone's access to the best healthcare solutions, knowledge, and services. In 2020, VinBrain launched DrAid™, the first AI-based diagnostic imaging solution in Vietnam, improving doctors' workload efficiency and the accuracy of medical image interpretation. With the focus on making reliable and scalable products and working with a broad pool of doctors worldwide, VinBrain was awarded several honors. These include ACM SIGAI Industry Awards 2021, Gold Award - ASEAN ICT Award for Social Responsibility, top 2 SIIA CODiE Awards, Made in Vietnam 2020 Award, and the "Award of Merit" from the Vietnam Ministry of Health. DrAid™ is used in over 100 hospitals in Vietnam, the United States, and New Zealand. For more information:  www.vinbrain.net 





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