DrAid™ Teleradiology

Around 4,7 billion people around the world currently lack the access to diagnostic imaging services. The continuing shortages and uneven distribution of radiologists and skilled manpower in radiology sheds light on the importance of teleradiology solution. Hospitals of all sizes can benefit from the strategic use of teleradiology solutions as it reduces radiology costs, provides immediate imaging results, creating competitive advantages for hospitals and better access to quality healthcare services for patients.

About DrAid™ Teleradiology.

DrAidTM Teleradiology is a remote medical imaging solution, connecting resources and expertise between hospitals to bring quality diagnostic imaging services to patients anytime, anywhere.

  • The platform provides both hospitals using the service and hospitals providing the service with an additional source of revenue

  • DrAidTM Teleradiology is developed on the basis of modern technology with high security

Product Highlights

24/7 live connection between hospitals

Immediate medical imaging results

AI doctor assistant detecting 21 abnormalities and diseases on Chest X-rays

Medical imaging results sharing to patients via QR code. Patients can access DrAidTM to revisit these results anytime anywhere, and save hard film cost

AI-powered application supporting COVID-19 screening and detection which has been certified by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

Why DrAid™ Teleradiology ?

  • Alleviate the shortage of qualified radiologists
  • Strengthen the expertise of radiologists
  • Support clinicians in the process of treating patients
  • Increase revenue for hospital while requiring no investment cost
  • Optimize the cost of storing and printing medical images
  • Increase the satisfaction of patients who require high quality care

How It Works

DrAid™ Teleradiology Demo

Schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists as you wish. This will allow us to find out what your requirements are, answer any questions and discuss how our solutions can help you and your organisation.

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