October 10, 2022
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Our country is in a period of strong digital transformation. In tune with the general movement of the whole nation, VinBrain has been constantly working hard to research to bring breakthrough digital values ​​that contribute to improving people's life, and that aspiration has begun to come true. with the DrAid Technology Ecosystem – AlviCare.


With the ambition to create a product applying AI technology that can solve the problem of overload in the medical field and bring value to improving people's lives, VinBrain has begun the journey to pave the way. full of difficulties and challenges with the first "sweet fruit" - The DrAid™ and AIviCare™ technology ecosystems provide an unprecedented complete digital experience in the field of imaging with two main components:

  • DrAid, a medical product that applies AI technology in medical imaging, researched and developed by VinBrain's team of Vietnamese talents, possesses a "huge" dataset with 2,300,000 million images, of which 400 thousand Labeled images and received the consensus of a panel of doctors with over 5 years of experience, can support the medical team, doctors automatically screen 21 lung, heart and bone abnormalities based on X-ray- chest radiograph within 5 seconds with an average accuracy of 91.2%.
  • AlviCare application, smart online healthcare application.

With this fully self-contained and modern ecosystem, patients can easily access lifetime health records including diagnostic results, medical images, medical records and personal visit history. your kernel is not limited in time and space, instead of the previous conventional hardcopy storage method. This has contributed significantly to reducing medical waste and positively impacting the environment.


DrAid adheres to the principle of "Improving people's lives with the power of AI and IoT"

Not only asserting itself strongly in the domestic market, VinBrain bravely pioneered to "engage" and left important imprints affirming the position and stature of Vietnamese technology in the international arena. These include awards such as: ACM SIGAI Artificial Intelligence Technology International Award in 2021, ASEAN ICT Award in the category "Social Responsibility" (CSR), and winning 02 SIIA CODiE Awards in 2021 “The best artificial intelligence solution in healthcare”

In particular, so far VinBrain is the only Vietnamese company to win the ACM SIGAI Artificial Intelligence Technology International Award in 2021. Previously, the award was given to Microsoft in 2019 and The latest is Sony in 2022. Thereby, it is possible to prove VinBrain's capacity and pioneering position in the field of AI application in healthcare, and at the same time affirm its competitiveness on par with that of leading technology products in the world.

FDA Certification - A milestone for an aspirational journey to use technology to improve people's lives

Overcoming the success after enrolling in the gold table of a series of prestigious international awards, DrAid has continued to assert itself with the FDA-certified "passport ticket" in an effort to promote the power of intelligence artificial.


DrAid is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

With this certification, DrAid contributes to bringing Vietnam into the top 6 countries with FDA-approved AI products for chest X-ray diagnosis, next to 5 other countries including the US, Israel, India, Korea and Australia. .

And with FDA approval, DrAid, a Vietnamese intellectual product, has been legally allowed to do business in the US market, and has the opportunity to expand its business globally. This is also a recognition for 3 years of hard work in research and development of VinBrain's talented team.

In particular, recently FINDDX has chosen to test DrAid™ before applying it on a global scale. If passing the rigorous tests from FINDDX, VinBrain's DrAid™ will be certified and have the opportunity to work with medical staff to help billions of patients around the world, especially in places where according to statistics Still, up to 10% of patients die or are seriously injured because of misdiagnosis.

In the future, with the initial efforts that have earned the recognition it deserves, VinBrain is ready for the next steps on the journey to conquer and move towards the goal of equalizing healthcare for more than 4 billion people. in the world, ready to be a bridge to cooperate with research groups and Vietnamese companies to reach out to the big sea together.


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