VinBrain’s Participation in the Largest Radiological Congress Held in Singapore 2023

August 21, 2023
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We were glad to join the exceptional AOCNR & SGCR WIRES 2023, a Singaporean Annual Scientific Congress in radiology sector themed “Radiology: Driving Innovations, Enhancing Healthspan” with neuroradiology-focused this year, in collaboration with the Asia-Oceanian Congress of Radiology. 

This event provided an excellent opportunity for us to engage and network with local Singaporean experts, as well as renowned radiographers, businesses from North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania through large array of workshops, educational, scientific content and radiological technology exhibitions.  

VinBrain is proud as a representative of an innovating AI HealthTech provider, with the goal of promoting diagnostic and interventional radiology role in faster, safer and better access to appropriate care. During the event, CEO Steven Truong shared his experience on seamless AI radiology adoption at CARPL.ai’s booth, our collaborative partner with VinBrain.  


CEO Steven Truong shares his experience at Carple.ai's booth

Some of the key takeaways from his share include VinBrain’s primary objective of simplifying AI in diagnostic radiology, while adhering to responsible AI practices during the development of DrAid™ AI. DrAid™ AI offers solutions of comprehensive, clinician-centric approach that enables multimodal analysis and detailed reporting. 

Steven Truong also highlighted VinBrain's commitment to collaborative learning is evident through strategic partnerships with esteemed institutions like Harvard and Stanford University, focusing on advancing research to build diagnostic imaging solutions in pulmonology abnormalities detection and oncology diagnoses and treatment. 

Furthermore, VinBrain is also at the forefront of the data management revolution. This approach centers on tapping into invaluable operational, clinical, and administrative solutions through an intuitive enterprise platform based on Generative AI for hospitals and healthcare institutions. 

Ined with our global strategy of becoming the premier AI for HealthTech players in the SEA market by 2025, we take pride in having VinBrain's AI diagnostic imaging into platforms like Carpl.ai. By consolidating various AI solutions across modalities and therapeutic areas, hospitals can effectively utilize a unified platform through CARPL.ai. This represents a significant stride in democratizing AI in healthcare. 



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