VinBrain, Vietnam's first representative, is set to launch AI-centric solutions to save lives and advance precision care at RSNA 2023

November 30, 2023
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Chicago, Dec 4th 2023 - VinBrain, a leading AI HealthTech company based in Vietnam, funded by Vingroup has joined in the largest medical meetings and exhibition of North America, RSNA 2023 - Radiological Society of North America. The event takes place from November 26th-29th, 2023, at Chicago, US, with 670 exhibitions, and the participation of at least 36,000 medical experts, doctors, and technicians from all over the world.

The RSNA (Radiological Society of North America), akin to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), is a prestigious academic exchange forum for leading experts, bringing together many prominent figures in the global healthcare technology field. Here, tech leaders have the opportunity to exhibit and introduce groundbreaking technological solutions to various healthcare sectors. RSNA 2023 marks the milestone of the first participation of a Vietnamese HealthTech AI startup, VinBrain, as a Technical Exhibitor.

At the product launch ceremony during RSNA 2023, insights were shared by Dr. Michael Muelly, Assistant Clinical Professor at the Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Stanford University, USA, and Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, CEO of VinBrain.


Along with products meeting FDA standards and having commercial success in the United States, VinBrain unveiled two Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision-powered applications at the event. These include the DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution, a platform for Medical Data and Hospital Management, and DrAid™ Oncology Diagnosis & Treatment (D&T), for Liver Cancer and Rectal Cancer. The launch garnered attention from representatives of Tech Giants like Microsoft, NVIDIA, META, as well as experts from Stanford AIMI, Harvard University, and other distinguished guests. VinBrain's strategic move reaffirms its commitment to leveraging AI and IoT technologies to enhance labor efficiency, improve diagnostic outcomes, assist doctors in saving lives, and advance precise healthcare for all.

"VinBrain's evolving product portfolio of AI solutions is being rapidly adopted by physicians," said Prof. Dr. Gregory Moore, Associate Fellow Center for Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging (AIMI) at Stanford University School of Medicine, former Vice President of Microsoft Health global and Google Cloud Healthcare.

VinBrain is also the second company under Vingroup, following VinFast, to successfully commercialize high-quality Vietnamese technology products internationally, with a notable presence in the competitive US market. The company's participation in RSNA serves more than an introduction; it's also a significant opportunity for this startup to engage in exchanges, learning, and collaborations with reputable organizations. This collaborative effort aims to unify responsibilities towards delivering effective and safer diagnostic solutions to the broader community.

Expediting interoperability and streamlining hospital administrative tasks, the Healthcare Management platform, DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution (EDS), showcased at RSNA, is anticipated to lead the way in transitioning towards precision care. Mr. Steven Truong, Founder and CEO of VinBrain, emphasized that this platform acts as a knowledge system for hospitals, transforming vast raw medical data into actionable insights.

The second solution that was unveiled, DrAid™ Oncology Diagnosis & Treatment, aligns with the global trend of employing AI for more accurate diagnoses and improved treatment decisions for complex diseases. VinBrain stands out as a pioneer in developing solutions for screening, early detection, and treatment support for Liver and Rectal Cancers—two of the top 10 cancers with the highest global mortality and incidence rates.

Notably, moments before the commencement of RSNA 2023, VinBrain scientists announced a groundbreaking study aimed at diversifying the representation of liver lesions. This study, focusing on detecting and classifying Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), the most common type of liver cancer, was published in Nature Scientific Reports. Additionally, VinBrain's solution is the sole representative from Vietnam to reach the finals of the ASEAN Digital Awards 2023.

"Wavelet radiomics features from multiphase CT images for screening hepatocellular carcinoma: analysis and comparison" published on No. 13, Nature Scientific Reports journal


With the event set to conclude on the 29th, this debut marks a significant leapt for VinBrain in its efforts to conquer the North American and global healthcare markets with pioneering AI solutions.

About VinBrain:  VinBrain is a startup that has been operating for four years and is backed by Vingroup, the largest conglomerate in Vietnam. The company's mission is to infuse AI and IoT technologies to improve people's lives and productivity.
With an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge tech products and platforms, such as DrAid™ and AIScaler™, VinBrain has developed more than 300 AI models specifically designed for processing medical images. These models have been built using a dataset that comprises over 3.5 million images and extensive text-based big data from Vietnam, the USA, and India.
One of VinBrain's notable achievements is the deployment of DrAid™, a comprehensive AI platform for diagnostic radiology, in over 175 hospitals across Vietnam, Myanmar, New Zealand, India, and the USA.

For more information, press only: VinBrain JSC, info@vinbrain.net


About RSNA: The RSNA Annual Meeting and Scientific Assembly is the largest medical imaging forum in the world and attracts nearly 25,000 professional attendees from 116 countries. Surveys show that 80% of meeting attendees are involved in purchasing decisions, and they attend the RSNA Technical Exhibit Halls to see the latest products and services.

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