VinBrain is set to be a first-time tech exhibitor at RSNA 2023

December 6, 2023
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Medical Imaging: An Expensive and Labor-Intensive Domain Poised for AI Adoption

Diagnostic imaging is widely known as costly and heavily reliant on radiologists, who are often overwhelmed with work and in short supply. Given the sheer volume of images a radiologist needs to read per daily working shift, radiology has emerged as one of the earliest adopters of AI technologies. By using computer vision, machine learning and big data, AI-powered technology alleviates the strain on radiologists and takes the lead in revolutionizing the field.

RSNA 2023: Leading Through Change - The Oscars of Radiology Event

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the so-called “Oscars of Radiology,” held its 109th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting from Nov 26-30 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Themed “Leading Through Change,” it focused on how radiology professionals could be intentional and proactive as they lead teams and organizations through transformative changes in healthcare.

In a go-global endeavor, and as a first-time exhibitor participating in RSNA, Vietnam-based VinBrain - an AI healthtech startup and member of the NVIDIA Inception program for startups - is taking strides with other industry leaders in using AI and edge computing to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare, making intelligent insights accessible to patients and doctors.

The company’s product list covers 4 out of 5 important areas in healthcare that Forbes pointed out AI should be applied: administrative workflows, image analysis, virtual assistants and clinical decision support [1]. All of the company’s solutions and AI models, technology and evidence have been announced, along with hands-on instructions, at VinBrain’s Booth 5150 during the event.

Precision Care. AI-Centric. Save Lives.

VinBrain initiates change in diagnostic radiology with multi-modalities via its DrAid™ AI Platform, an AI-powered assistant for doctors in clinical decision-making.

Trained on a large dataset of 2.7 million chest X-rays and inferenced on 106,972 images, DrAid™ CXR Screening provides comprehensive chest care with the ability to detect 52 types of abnormalities. Building on top of that, the solution’s suggestive features of pneumothorax-triage detection and notification gained clearance from the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in 2022.

DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer D&T

A groundbreaking solution, VinBrain’s specialty Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment (D&T) is a game-changer. It combines the intelligence of machines with the experience of doctors to power the fight against the top 10 cancers in terms of prevalence, mortality and incidence rates globally [2]. The new cancer-detecting, AI-powered solution uncovers the intricacies of cancer localization and measurements, facilitating early detection to save more lives.

DrAid™ MRI Rectal Cancer D&T

DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer D&T and DrAid™ MRI Rectal Cancer D&T were trained and validated with thousands of medical images, confirmed by experienced experts.


The DrAid™ AI Platform makes use of NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, the NVIDIA MONAI technology stack and NVIDIA TensorRT software. Additionally, its integration of NVIDIA Triton Inference Server software reduces AI processing time by 50% and increases throughput by 5x. MONAI, TensorRT and Triton Inference Server are integral components of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, an enterprise-grade, secure, stable and supported AI software stack.


DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution (EDS), VinBrain’s new platform, is leading the charge towards achieving precision care and changing the way interactive hospitals are managed. It holistically accelerates healthcare’s digital transformation towards precision care and intelligent hospitals, with a core goal “to transfigure raw data into actionable knowledge,” said Steven Truong, CEO, VinBrain. “EDS is the knowledge system for comprehensive and intelligent examination and treatment.”


EDS is capable of auto-generating reports multilingually, in more than 25 languages. It helps doctors summarize examination history and highlights differences between reports and medical images. It also provides personalized electrical medical records analytics and smart EMR search.


For hospital operators, EDS enables real-time insights with intuitive multi-dashboards and AI-powered predictive analysis. It can generate charts and tables from data for better data-driven decision-making in hospital resource allocation.


DrAid™ Copilot, a medical generative AI virtual assistant, helps the healthcare workforce look up and extract data, enhancing productivity, while enabling a natural Q&A experience for patients' information through state-of-the-art natural language technology.


All the modules of EDS are organized by the infrastructure behind the data lake and data management system, which structures data and converts massive silos into a repository for world-class security and lasting, centralized storage for operative and R&D use.


DrAid™’s aims to serve the benefits of many different job positions in the healthcare system and can be easily integrated and deployed into many systems (PACS, HIS, RIS, EMR, etc.), available in cloud or on premises (DrAid™ Appliance).


A Bright Future for AI in Healthcare
With the AI in healthcare market size valued at US$0.5 billion in 2022 and $21.52 billion by 2032 [3], VinBrain is poised to be the leading healthtech company in Southeast Asia in 2024. “We believe that technology and cost reductions will bring equity and accessibility to all,” said Steven Truong, CEO of VinBrain.


VinBrain has made a substantial impact at RSNA 2023, pushing the boundaries of medical diagnostics and healthcare management through its AI-centric platform.


[1] Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

[2] According to IARC, GLOBOCAN 2020 report

[3] There are different opinions on the most beneficial applications of AI for healthcare purposes. Forbes stated in 2018 that the most important areas would be administrative workflows, image analysis, robotic surgery, virtual assistants, and clinical decision support. 8. Marr B. How is AI used in healthcare—5 powerful real-world examples that show the latest advances. Forbes; 2018. 




About VinBrain:  VinBrain is a startup that has been operating for four years and is backed by Vingroup, the largest conglomerate in Vietnam. The company's mission is to infuse AI and IoT technologies to improve people's lives and productivity.
With an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge tech products and platforms, such as DrAid™ and AIScaler™, VinBrain has developed more than 300 AI models specifically designed for processing medical images. These models have been built using a dataset that comprises over 3.5 million images and extensive text-based big data from Vietnam, the USA, and India.
One of VinBrain's notable achievements is the deployment of DrAid™, a comprehensive AI platform for diagnostic radiology, in over 175 hospitals across Vietnam, Myanmar, New Zealand, India, and the USA.

For more information, press only: VinBrain JSC, info@vinbrain.net


About RSNA: The RSNA Annual Meeting and Scientific Assembly is the largest medical imaging forum in the world and attracts nearly 25,000 professional attendees from 116 countries. Surveys show that 80% of meeting attendees are involved in purchasing decisions, and they attend the RSNA Technical Exhibit Halls to see the latest products and services.

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