VinBrain at VinFuture Prize Sci-Tech Week 2023

December 20, 2023
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VinBrain tại Tuần lễ khoa học công nghệ VinFuture 2023
During the 2023 VinFuture Sci-tech week, commencing with Symposia "Science for Lives", the 4th-panel discussion session on December 19, 2023, focused on Artificial Intelligence: Transformative Opportunities and Challenges. This session explored various aspects of how AI technology can advance and disrupt numerous areas of life.
With the distinguished participation of world-renowned AI guru such as Dr. Xuedong Huang, Dr. Padmanabhan Anandan, Prof. Leslie Valiant, VinFuture Prize Council members, and Dr. Hung Bui, VinAI, this session concluded with a lot of insightful questions for the panelists.
As a Representative of the healthcare domain, Mr. Steven Truong, Founder & CEO of VinBrain, in response to the question of Dr. Xuedong Huang, "Is AI and technology bubble or not?", he thought that would be measured by the impact they had on the society.
"As medicine and healthcare touch every people’s life. So as a company building AI HealthTech in Vietnam and building the core by the Vietnamese, VinBrain utilizes AI to make the impact." Steven said
He highlighted that a doctor's years of experience and information gathering create a mental pattern based on numerous cases for them to classify symptoms and get to the correct diagnosis.
The key question for the future is whether generative AI can enhance knowledge aggregation, not limited to a single expert but across multiple doctors. This interconnected approach aims to leverage comprehensive data integration for Generative AI to be the best doctor.
This symposia serve as an eminent platform that unites policymakers, scientists, experts and businessmen from prestigious domestic and international organizations.

About VinBrain:  VinBrain is a startup that has been operating for four years and is backed by Vingroup, the largest conglomerate in Vietnam. The company's mission is to infuse AI and IoT technologies to improve people's lives and productivity.
With an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge tech products and platforms, such as DrAid™ and AIScaler™, VinBrain has developed more than 300 AI models specifically designed for processing medical images. These models have been built using a dataset that comprises over 3.5 million images and extensive text-based big data from Vietnam, the USA, and India.
One of VinBrain's notable achievements is the deployment of DrAid™, a comprehensive AI platform for diagnostic radiology, in over 175 hospitals across Vietnam, Myanmar, New Zealand, India, and the USA.

For more information, press only: VinBrain JSC, info@vinbrain.net

About VinFuture Foundation: The VinFuture Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit foundation in Vietnam.

The Foundation was established with a vision of creating meaningful change in the everyday lives of millions of people by honoring transformational technological innovations. The Foundation was set up with an initial endowment of VND 2,000 billion (approximately US$100 million) from Mr. Phạm Nhật Vượng, the founder and Chairman of Vingroup JSC, a technology, industry, and services company in Vietnam, and his wife Madam Phạm Thu Hương.


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