October 14, 2022
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With the goal of solving more difficult problems in the medical field with AI technology to improve people's lives, recently VinBrain and Hue Central Hospital had a meeting to implement deeper cooperation program in digital transformation, building smart hospitals and scientific research.

At the meeting, leaders of the two sides summarized the process of cooperation in deploying DrAid application "AI virtual assistant" into daily medical examination and treatment activities at Hue Central Hospital. Thereby, integrating DrAid into PACS (image storage and transmission system), with nearly 67,000 images uploaded, DrAid screened and quickly identified 71% of the images without abnormalities for the team to examine. Doctors focus their time analyzing abnormal images and also reduce the time to return results by 20% to patients. The application of artificial intelligence in diagnostic imaging not only reduces the burden of shortage of doctors but also optimizes processing time, reduces the risk of missed diagnosis as well as early detection of dangerous early signs such as overflow pneumothorax.

Mr. Truong Quoc Hung - General Director of VinBrain said that DrAid products not only obtained certificates of quality and safety from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but also were trusted. Used by 2000 doctors in more than 100 hospitals nationwide, highly appreciated for its effectiveness compared to traditional methods, this is a great encouragement for VinBrain team to continue to persevere on the chosen journey.

Moving on to the second phase of the cooperation process, VinBrain and Hue Central Hospital agreed to research and develop the next features of DrAid software in the diagnosis and screening of liver cancer through CT images, liver cancer. Breast cancer through mammography and assess the response of rectal cancer radiotherapy through MRI images. In addition, VinBrain will also become a partner to provide remote medical examination and treatment solutions and build a smart hospital using AI Camera features. Specifically, patients at Hue Central Hospital will be able to build their own application for convenience in booking appointments at the clinic; Video and audio calls to receive doctor's advice; Online payment via e-wallet; Medical records management; The AI feature checks for free lung damage, stroke, Thalassemia;… The application for doctors will support tracking and managing appointments, patient medical records as well as video calling for consultation and sending assess the patient's condition.

As the leading unit in Vietnam providing smart healthcare features, VinBrain's AI camera solution is geared towards a smart hospital model with technologies such as facial recognition, warning/security control… is also expected to be the optimal solution to the pressures that are weighing on the hospital's healthcare system. The abnormal behavior detection function not only supports the detection of violent behavior in the hospital area, but also effectively alerts the case of strokes, falls and injuries when alone.

Professor Pham Nhu Hiep - Director of Hue Central Hospital said that the cooperation with VinBrain is an important step in the digital transformation process of Hue Central Hospital. Smart solutions are expected to help the hospital's operation to be optimized in time and accurately at all stages in the operation process.

Seen as an inevitable trend, digital transformation, especially digital health, is gradually proving its value when not only bringing the best benefits to patients by improving services to help them receive care. Faster and more convenient care, but also helps the hospital have maximum support in operations.

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