VinBrain cooperates with VT Healthcare to replicate AI products in healthcare

September 24, 2022
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The first artificial intelligence application software that achieves FDA's approval in Vietnam, DrAid™ for Radiology v1 - "Doctor's Assistant" (researched and developed by VinBrain), expect to continue to serve widely in Vietnamese hospitals through the cooperation between VinBrain and VT Healthcare - A professional distributor of the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers. 

On September 18, VinBrain and VT Healthcare officially signed a distribution agreement, marking a new turning point in the healthcare industry when the artificial intelligence application project "Doctor's Assistant" with DrAid™, DrAid™ Appliance will be applied in medical facilities to help optimize diagnosis time, increase accuracy, and manage teams more effectively. 

VinBrain cooperates with VT Healthcare: The doctor's assistant regardless of borders. 

The application of AI technology in supporting disease diagnosis and building a smart medical platform is currently being evaluated as a core key in the medical development roadmap of every country. In which the DrAid™ and the DrAid™ Appliance device of VinBrain company have proven superior performance compared to traditional methods in automatically screening for abnormal and non-abnormalities for X-ray images cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal. 

With the desire that more hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics across Vietnam can access DrAid™, VinBrain has cooperated with VT Healthcare - a professional distributor in the medical field in Vietnam. 

On September 18, VinBrain and VT Healthcare officially signed a distribution agreement, marking a new turning point in the healthcare industry when the DrAid™ and the DrAid™ Appliance device will be applied at medical facilities to optimize diagnostic time and manage teams more efficiently. 

With more than 25 years of professional distribution experience in the medical field in Vietnam, VT Healthcare has 4 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Can Tho with ISO:9001 standards in distribution systems, warehouses; GSP standards in management and distribution of medical equipment and supplies. VT Healthcare is currently a reputable distributor of products and services to hospitals and clinics across the country. 

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, CEO of VinBrain, expressed his expectation that the strategic partnership between VinBrain and VT Healthcare will help promote the application of AI in the Vietnamese healthcare industry to make great strides. In particular, through VT Healthcare, DrAid™ and its ecosystem will be widely applied in the Vietnamese healthcare industry, affirming Vietnam's level with the world when DrAid™ for Radiology v1 is the first AI software designed to aid the clinical assessment of adult Chest X-Ray cases with features suggestive of pneumothorax in medical care environment or equivalent term in Southeast Asia is cleared by FDA. 

May be an image of 12 people and people standing

The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between VinBrain - VT Healthcare to replicate AI products in healthcare 

The key to solving the problem of overcrowding in medical facilities 

As a powerful assistant for the medical team, DrAid™ is trained from data with more than 2.5 million images and the support of more than 50 radiologists with over 5 years of experience. At the same time, the application also provides useful reference information such as lesion localization and lesion heat map to help doctors observe more closely and minimize the possibility of missing abnormalities in the diagnosis process. 

The mechanism of action of DrAid™ Appliance is to help doctors find the exact source of the pain that the patient is suffering, stream the images and compare them with the doctor's results. The DrAid™ Appliance does not replace a physician nor interfere with a physician's diagnostic decisions. The system helps classify normal and abnormal cases, helping doctors focus their time on abnormal ones. 

Specifically, the system will classify and mark normal and abnormal patients, helping optimize doctors' diagnosis time. For example, with a volume of 200 patients in 8 working hours, doctors can process 150 chest X-ray images in 4 hours and spend the remaining 4 hours on 50 cases with abnormal signs. Especially with the same amount of work and time, but at this time, the diagnosis takes place 3 times, including diagnosis by radiologists; diagnosis by artificial intelligence, and comparison diagnosis between doctor and artificial intelligence. 

DrAid™ Appliance - AI tool to help screen and predict abnormal signs

According to statistics, screening and diagnosis often consume up to 40% of a doctor's time. Especially with the imaging team, currently, the ratio of the number of diagnostic doctors per 10,000 people only stops at 3, while the required number is 8. 

For example, a common diagnostic and screening technique, chest X-ray, is easy to perform and widely used. However, due to the specific nature of the thoracic area with many overlapping details, the synthesis of many different types of structures (tissue, gas, bone) on the same image makes the doctor's diagnosis difficult. 

Meanwhile, a doctor may have to handle almost 200 X-ray images a day, which means checking the heart, lung fields, pleura, rib angle, and diaphragm 200 times, not to mention 4,800 ribs and many other small details. Even with business activities, the number of X-ray images of the heart and lungs that each doctor has to handle can be up to 500-700 images/day. 

DrAid™ is the key to helping the team of doctors increase work efficiency and the rate of accurate diagnosis, significantly saving time for initial screening. It is the key to clearing current medical examination and treatment bottlenecks. 

Mr. Bui Anh Tu - representative of VT Healthcare assessed that the application of information technology in healthcare in Vietnam is still relatively modest. The cooperation with VinBrain will help this work be promoted faster, the time doctors spend with patients will be more focused, and simultaneously bring equal opportunities for medical care to all people. 

Currently, the DrAid™ solution has been applied at many central hospitals, such as the Hospital of Medical University of Ho Chi Minh City and Hospital 199 of the Ministry of Public Security. Initially, this solution demonstrated outstanding efficiency with the ability to handle 21 abnormalities on straight chest X-ray images, the accuracy rate is over 91%, and the sensitivity is over 96%. As a result, it reduces the pressure on the medical team and increases the efficiency of medical examination and treatment. 

Not only serving the domestic medical industry, but DrAid™ is also highly appreciated by international experts. On Sep 2nd 2022, DrAid™ for Radiology v1 was cleared by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) after passing extremely strict the quality control and safety tests. 

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