VinBrain cooperates with Golden Zanekka, deploying AI technology in Myanmar

Calendar 17/08/2022

August 15, 2022 - VinBrain and Golden Zanekka Public Company (Myanmar) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to deploy DrAid™ in leading hospitals in Myanmar.  

After the cooperation agreement with the artificial intelligence platform Ferrum Health (based in California, USA) in 2021, this continues to be a memorable milestone for VinBrain on the journey to reach the international market. According to the MOA, DrAid™ (developed by VinBrain) will integrate into the diagnostic process of 3 hospitals in the Golden Zanekka Public (GZK) system - a leading healthcare service provider in Myanmar. GZK is managing a chain of 6 top hospitals in Yangon city, such as Parami General Hospital, The Pinlon Group of Hospitals,  SSC Hospital Bahosi Hospital, Shwe Paduak Hospital…and more than 10 major hospitals and clinics in other provinces and cities across Myanmar.

DrAid™ is artificial intelligence (AI) doctor assistant software developed by VinBrain to assist medical teams and doctors in diagnosing lung, heart and bone diseases based on X-ray films. The application evaluates to have superior efficiency compared to traditional methods in observing and labelling respiratory, cardiovascular, and skeletal X-ray images, which help to reduce diagnostic errors. DrAid™ can help classify and localize liver cancer lesions on CT images with an average accuracy of over 95%. The average diagnostic accuracy of 21 diseases and abnormalities reached 91.2%.

In the future, the two sides aim to cooperate with the entire hospital system of Golden Zanekka Public. Along with the implementation of DrAid™, VinBrain will also support Golden Zanekka Public in related issues, including management consulting, system setup, guidance, training, and operation monitoring.

At the signing ceremony, the Vice President of Golden Zanekka Public, Professor Thein Aung, said: “Advanced solutions with artificial intelligence application will be the future of medicine, supporting radiologists detects pathological signs and abnormalities more accurately, consistently, and faster. We are very pleased to cooperate with VinBrain to improve patients' health care service. We also commit that Golden Zanekka Public's existing technology system will be compatible and meet healthcare integration requirements proposed by VinBrain so that DrAid™ can be most effective”.

On the side of VinBrain, CEO of VinBrain - Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, Managing shared: “The cooperation between Golden Zanekka and VinBrain will be an important mark, affirming Vietnam's ability to develop AI technology for nationwide application. In particular, in the field of AI-based imaging, DrAid™, in particular, and the application of AI in medicine, in general, will become an effective support tool for screening incurable diseases shortly.

After winning the ACM SIGAI International Awards 2021 for the best artificial intelligence application product (one of the world's leading awards in the field of artificial intelligence), DrAid™ is gradually conquering the international market, contributing to a breakthrough in the region's digital transformation of the medical field, opening the way to bring AI from research to life. The cooperation with Golden Zanekka Public shows that the Vietnamese technology company has built a reputation not only in the domestic market but also has officially made its mark in the regional market.


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