July 1, 2021
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According to statistics each year, our country has more than 230,000 stroke cases and the following year increases by 2% over the previous year. More than half of stroke cases are fatal, 90% of strokes are still alive, leaving significant sequelae and reduced health.

With the goal of reducing the mortality rate and burden of disability to the community due to stroke, VinBrain has cooperated with Thai Nguyen Central Hospital to build a stroke warning application and give it back to the hospital to widely deployed to people in Thai Nguyen province.

Excellent doctor, Assoc. Dr. Duong Hong Thai, Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen Central Hospital, spoke at the ceremony, highly appreciating the humanity and practical benefits of the stroke warning application.

The stroke alert app is a chatbot (automated chat software) that allows users to easily detect and react promptly to stroke symptoms, built on FAST stroke recognition signs , include:

F (Face): The part of the face or mouth is suddenly distorted

A (Arms): One limb suddenly has no feeling

S (Speech): Sudden slurred speech or unclear pronunciation

T (Time): Quickly memorize the time, immediately take to the hospital Through the application, within 1 minute, people with signs of acute stroke as well as stroke-like diseases will be quickly assessed and promptly connected to stroke treatment centers and medical facilities. stroke.

Mr. Truong Quoc Hung - General Director of VinBrain Company presented the excellent doctor, Assoc. Dr. Duong Hong Thai - Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen Central Hospital Stroke warning application with 5,000 stickers containing QR codes to access the application and hotline number connected to the Hospital's Stroke Center.

According to medical experts, the golden time to treat and save the life of a stroke patient is 4-6 hours. After 6 hours, the patient will quickly fall into a coma, hemiplegia, even death. Therefore, the stroke warning application will help patients as well as doctors to detect stroke symptoms early, capture the right golden time for timely treatment, save lives and help patients recover.

Mr. Truong Quoc Hung and VinBrain team visited the Stroke Center of Thai Nguyen Central Hospital - one of the leading Stroke Centers in the region.

In the coming time, Thai Nguyen Central Hospital is expected to produce a large number of stickers containing QR codes to access the application and distribute widely to people in the area.

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