VinBrain to form new partnerships to bolster the deployment of DrAid™ in Ghana and Guam

March 14, 2024
Author: VinBrain Marketing Team

Hanoi, March 14th, VinBrain has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ghana's partner named Jospong Group of Companies and Pacific Digital Consulting of Guam to soon deliver the deployment of DrAid AI platform for healthcare system in Ghana and Guam.   

Unlocking Healthcare Potential in Ghana 

Mr. Steven Truong, Founder & CEO of VinBrain with Mr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, Executive Chairman of Jospong Group of Companies, with the delegations of two companies 

Central to VinBrain's signing ceremony is its partnership with Jospong Group of Companies, a cornerstone of Ghana's economic landscape. The MOU with Jospong lays the groundwork for a multifaceted collaboration to revolutionize healthcare delivery across Ghana.  

Key provisions include facilitating the preliminary trial phase for DrAid™ AI platform at Ghana’s top 5 hospitals. Another significant focus of the MOU is proposing DrAid™ for Tuberculosis Screening, VinBrain's AI-powered solution aligned with ESG standards, for Ghana's national tuberculosis (TB) prevention program. This aims to help the country reduce tuberculosis and drug-resistant strains and be excluded from the 30 countries with the highest tuberculosis burden by 2030-2035. 

Besides, the MOU agrees on the possibility of a medical exchange program, a joint venture, and investment opportunities as well as the contribution to the implementation strategy of telehealth products to improve care access in remote areas. More importantly, the medical exchange program between 2 companies will be taken place right from this March by a visit of Ghana’s top medical professionals to Vietnam to explore our cutting-edge AI healthcare solutions. In return, VinBrain's experts will come to Ghana to deploy our systems tailored to their specific needs by Q2, 2024. 

Empowering Healthcare Excellence in Guam 

Mr. Steven Truong, Founder & CEO of VinBrain with Mr. Derrick Muna Quinata, President & CEO of Pacific Digital Consulting at the ceremony 

On the same day, VinBrain embarked on another transformative journey in Guam by forming a strategic partnership with Pacific Digital Consulting (PDC). This collaboration was solidified through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between VinBrain and PDC. The MOU paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in healthcare delivery. Key provisions include facilitating the initial trial phase of DrAid™ AI platform at Guam's top two hospitals. 

The MOU also focused on a TB prevention program, exploring the possibility of a medical exchange, joint venture, investment opportunities, and collaboration with VinBrain for telehealth implementation in Guam. 

Charting a Course for Collective Impact  



The signing of these MOUs marks VinBrain’s commitment to bringing the best AI technologies to healthcare, promoting accessibility and equity, not only in the USA, Southest Asia, Australia, and India, but around the globe. 

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