VinBrain and Innovation in Healthcare - Embracing the Innovative Spirit of Vietnam at VIIE 2023

October 31, 2023
Author: VinBrain

Hanoi Oct, 28th, 2023 — VinBrain is honored to accompany leading professors, doctors, and medical professionals nationwide in sharing insights into the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision in diagnosis and treatment at the Forum on Medical Technology Applications in Healthcare within the Vietnam Innovation International Expo 2023 (VIIE2023).   

As a pioneer in AI for healthcare, Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, the CEO of VinBrain, delivered a presentation titled "DrAid™ - The Impact of Computer Vision and Generative AI (GenAI) in Diagnosis and Treatment." The presentation underscored the transformative influence of AI and Generative AI on the healthcare sector. Specifically, AI will progressively assist individuals in roles demanding empathy while assuming a more proactive role within workgroups focused on optimization and high creativity, as observed in professions like engineering, medicine, and science. The implementation of generative AI will greatly benefit humanity by enhancing labor productivity and cutting down operational expenses. 

He mentioned DrAid™ AI platform as a breakthrough solution tool that bridges the gap between doctors, reduces the likelihood of misdiagnosis and overdiagnosis, enhances accuracy, and improves overall efficiency. Moreover, it relays the fight against top 10 cancers by enabling early detection and automatically segmenting cancerous tumors under 5mm that are easy to miss. With six diagnostic and treatment solutions, it DrAid™ AI is the fruition of research cooperation between VinBrain and many leading scientists and experts in technology and medicine, typically the joint research of the diagnosis and treatment evaluation liver cancer with University Medical Center (UMC) of Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy. [1] DrAid™ AI has beendeployed in over 175 hospitals with more than 350,000 weekly medical images uploads.  

CEO of VinBrain also proposed a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap in healthcare, especially for hospital management. It aims to convert raw medical data into valuable knowledge and interpret themit for insights and predictive analysis. Additionally, he introduced a generative AI-powered virtual medical assistant offering a wide range of capabilities such as an auto-generating medical report, smart search, and summarizing and comparing medical histories. It also has a preternatural ability to have a human-like conversation.  

VinBrain's flagship AI healthcare products, DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer D&T and DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution, were showcased at the exhibition zone. We hope that the cutting-edge AI technologies in the field of healthcare will soon be widely integrated into Vietnam's healthcare system, enhancing better lives for both doctors and patients.  

VinBrain's participation in #VIIE2023 proves that Vietnam is making significant strides in AI technology, especially in healthcare.  

VIIE 2023 is an important event where leading technology companies from Vietnam and worldwide gather to share and explore collaborative opportunities.  


Take a look at some photos of the event: 

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