July 4, 2021
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A stroke is a condition in which the brain is severely damaged because the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or significantly reduced. In a few minutes if there is not enough blood supply, brain cells will begin to die due to lack of oxygen, greatly affecting the body's ability to move and think, and even lead to death. According to the Ministry of Health, stroke is the leading cause of death, with a rate of 10-20%, many times higher than some other common causes of death (such as cancer).

The golden time to treat and save a stroke person's life is within 4-6 hours after a stroke, so a stroke needs to be detected early so that it can be treated promptly, saving lives and helping patients recover. fully recovered.

With the goal of timely detecting stroke symptoms and capturing the right time for treatment, Vinmec International General Hospital and VinBrain Company cooperated to deploy a stroke warning application (chatbot).

This is an automated chat application (Chatbot) developed by VinBrain, allowing users to easily detect and react promptly to stroke symptoms. Chatbot built on FAST stroke recognition signs:

F (Face): The part of the face or mouth is suddenly distorted

A (Arms): One limb suddenly has no feeling

S (Speech): Sudden slurred speech or unclear pronunciation

T (Time): Quickly memorize the time, immediately take to the hospital

Through the application, within 1 minute, people with signs of acute stroke will be assessed quickly and promptly connected to Vinmec's emergency department and stroke unit.

Process of using chatbot to warn of stroke

Vinmec Times City International General Hospital has 10 years of experience in treating acute cerebral stroke with thousands of well-organized cases covering all important specialties including: pre-hospital emergency, hospital emergency The hospital, neuro-resuscitation, the Department of Neurology, and especially the rehabilitation center are well-built to help restore good neurological function after intervention and integrate into life.

VinBrain is a technology company under Vingroup with the mission of applying artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to healthcare. Through breakthrough artificial intelligence application solutions, VinBrain aims to bring equal opportunities in accessing the best healthcare solutions, knowledge and services for all people; while helping to optimize the doctor's workflow to improve quality, consistency and accuracy in medical examination and treatment.

The stroke chatbot is a product that connects Vinmec's emergency and quick response capacity in stroke treatment with VinBrain's technology research and application capacity in the medical field. The application will be updated to assist customers in timely detection of stroke risks, capture the golden moment in stroke treatment and treatment, and increase the patient's chance of complete recovery.

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