March 14, 2023
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VinBrain has become a Premier member of NVIDIA Inception, a global program that provides cutting-edge startups with access to accelerated computing resources and more. By teaming up  with NVIDIA, VinBrain is poised to transform HealthTech innovation in Southeast Asia, building on its previous successful collaborations with Microsoft and Stanford University.

VinBrain becomes Premiere Member of NVIDIA's Inception program

From the outset, VinBrain has leveraged cutting-edge NVIDIA' GPU technology to accelerate AI model training for healthcare solutions.

As a Premier member of NVIDIA Inception, VinBrain has the advantage of being an early adopter of NVIDIA's latest hardware innovations. Moreover, VinBrain receives ongoing technical support by regularly meeting with R&D experts, empowering the company to design and train advanced AI models and seamlessly integrate AI systems into clinical workflows. With this capability, VinBrain is better equipped to serve hundreds of hospitals across Vietnam, the United States, and Southeast Asian nations with optimal efficiency.

VinBrain's AI product suite, including DrAid™, AIScaler™, and SenMe™ (aka AIviCare™) is now featured on the NVIDIA Accelerated Apps Catalog.

We are thrilled to become a Premier member of NVIDIA Inception,” said Steven Truong, CEO of VinBrain.VinBrain has collaborated with Microsoft Corporation on data sharing, cross-validation, product research and development, and with Stanford University on in-depth research and data use, including hundreds of thousands of shared medical images. Continuing collaboration with NVIDIA in the hardware field will create a strong foundation for VinBrain to enhance quality, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare services, bringing the best value of AI to provide effective support for patients and doctors."

VinBrain has committed to NVIDIA's cutting-edge tech solutions from the outset, relying on the NVIDIA Clara healthcare platform, MONAI open-source framework, and NVIDIA NeMo framework for training, customizing and deploying generative AI models. Likewise, VinBrain has used NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD-powered AI supercomputing to develop computer vision solutions for medical imaging, intelligent video analytics, automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, and text-to-speech, resulting in 100x faster model training than with CPU only.

VinBrain provides impactful solutions for many hospitals globally and supports healthcare professionals to augment their workflows and deliver precision radiology,” said Renee Yao, Global Healthcare AI Startups Lead at NVIDIA. “As a Premier member of NVIDIA Inception, VinBrain will work with NVIDIA to improve healthcare and precision medicine.”

Healthcare has notably been one of the emerging industries in NVIDIA’s Inception, which now boasts over 1,300 healthcare startups. Steven Truong will speak at an exclusive Healthcare AI Council as part of NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference running March 20-23, 2023 in San Francisco, US. He will share his thoughts on the future of innovation in the healthcare and life sciences industry and discuss how to collaborate globally and bring bigger impacts to improve patient outcomes and efficiency for doctors’ workflows. 



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