October 7, 2022
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VinBrain held an online awarding scholarships ceremony for excellent students from the University of Toronto on the morning of October 5, 2022. The University of Toronto is Ontario's oldest and largest university and the leading public research institute in Canada. It is also a world leader location in biomedical research and is Canada's largest university with more than 70,000 students studying from all over the world. This is also a prestigious partner of VinBrain in the journey of taking care of and fostering talents through the VinBrain AI scholarship fund.
The VinBrain AI scholarship has been invested for outstanding students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, representing the vision and desire to cultivate and invest in young generations to help them access science and technology more efficiently and easily
During the ceremony, The representatives of both sides affirmed that VinBrain and Toronto University are in a collaborative partnership and instrumental in the journey of helping students to have access to scientific innovations. Through the VinBrain AI Scholarship, VinBrain hopes to provide students with financial security so that they can focus their energies on problem-solving and innovation, researching artificial intelligence and robotics, and focusing on focuses on the fields of Smart Cities, Smart Health, and IoT.
The University of Toronto also hopes that this scholarship will encourage more students to explore AI research and even spend part of the scholarship to work alongside VinBrain's applied scientists and engineers. . Thus, it can be asserted that the VinBrain AI scholarship evaluates the cooperation, common orientation, and common goals of VinBrain - Toronto in this dream-building journey and fostering talents to serve the development of VinBrain - Toronto. technology industries.
VinBrain's undergraduate and graduate scholarships are built upon the increasing expertise evaluation through the students' projects in the field of AI Engineering, including the Center for Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Engineering (CARTE) and the Robotics Institute of the University of Toronto.
In the scholarship award ceremony today, there were 4 excellent students who received VinBrain scholarships with excellent topics when researching AI and IoT application issues in life: Applying AI in mechanical engineering and industry, Analysis of AI Scientific and technical and Artificial intelligence engineering… These are also innovative technology areas that VinBrain is aiming to help modernize human life
Sara Ketabi shared her feelings after receiving the VinBrain scholarship “I am very happy to receive the VinBrain scholarship. Hopefully, the next time, our research will continue to receive high appreciation from VinBrain and will be widely applied in life.
In the coming period, VinBrain continues its journey of flourishing and developing talents, bringing scientific advances closer to the young generation to help change and create lives!
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