Applying AI technology in medical examination and treatment - Convenient for doctors and patients

May 21, 2022
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No need to come in person, only using a phone with an available application, people can connect with doctors to listen to advice when they have questions about the sequelae of COVID-19 wherever they are.

Dr. DANG THI HOA - Department of Endocrinology, Hospital 198: “Patients who still have post-COVID-19 symptoms but don't know who to ask because it's inconvenient or afraid to go to the hospital for examination can connect directly with us. When we have patient information, we will proactively call patients to help and advise post-Covid symptoms.”

Doctors and counselors will be available 24/7 to support and answer questions for citizens. Not only providing post-COVID-19 consultation but more than 20,000 doctors and nurses in various fields and specialties will participate in telemedicine consultation. Medical records are conveniently stored on the application so that each patient can monitor and look up right on their phone.

Mr. TRUONG QUOC HUNG - General Director of VinBrain Company: “The patient only needs to download the app and register, it takes about 1 minute. When users upload medical photos or blood test results, the software will screen and warn of unusual cases, then direct patients based on symptom declarations to the right doctor. Patients have the right to choose which doctor to advise them.”

Ms. HOANG XUAN THAO - Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi: “Everyone is usually uncomfortable with suddenly having to get a health checkup. But when registering for special examination via the internet and on the app, people feel more comfortable and open to seek medical care.”

In addition to helping people connect with doctors easily, AI technology also helps doctors diagnose diseases more accurately and efficiently. Previously, having X-rays took more time since doctors needed to consult, but now AI technology can assist in understanding and analyzing to find abnormal signs in the human body.

Doctor DO VAN NAM - Ha Thanh General Hospital: “Thanks to technology, 95% of diseases can be detected. Previously, it was necessary to have a doctor read the film which took more time, getting a film and then reading it. Now the disease can be detected instantly, which is very convenient. The doctors only need to do a thorough examination and make a final conclusion."

The application of AI technology for early diagnosis and support in medical examination and treatment will help increase the ability to treat patients. This is the premise to promote the development of AI technology applied to all professions in life.

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