VinBrainer makes a huge impression at international forum

September 28, 2022
Author: admin

2 Talents from the AI - Natural Language Department: Nguyen Ngoc Hoang and Nguyen Xuan Nhat, were honored to be accepted to present their solution at the International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2023 - One of the major conferences in Computer vision. 

At the conference, 2 VinBrainers will present solutions to overcome difficult problems in identifying abnormal human behavior with AI by optimizing the integrated Deep learning model and real-time processing on Edge Device connected to multiple cameras. 

Hoang and Nhat have proposed and applied advanced techniques such as knowledge distillation and Contrastive learning in training and optimizing lightweight 3D_CNN models with this solution. The efficiency of this method is demonstrated by optimizing the model CSN-Resnet152 with 33M parameters Shuffle-3DCNN with 4.7M parameters with almost equivalent accuracy. 

The above method has contributed to the success of anomalous behavior recognition features such as the development of violent behavior, harassment, wall climbing, etc., which are being effectively deployed in areas smart city of Vinhomes. 

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