Proactive and lifetime health record management with the DrAid™ and AIviCare™ ecosystems

September 24, 2022
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Can an individual's health record be stored for life, easily accessible anywhere, anytime, like how we store photos on iCloud or Google Photos? The AI ecosystem for healthcare, researched and developed by VinBrain, is considered the perfect solution to this problem.

Eliminate the "nightmare" of queuing

Two years ago, after the doctor concluded that the breast cancer treatment was successful, Ms. Van Anh (Bac Ninh) was advised to have a comprehensive health check every 6 months. At that time, she could not have imagined that each routine check-up would be so tiring.

"Because the film is easily damaged, the medical records are incomplete, so the re-examination process is complex. The follow-up visits will need to take pictures or do some additional tests. Now it's still haunting me when I think about waiting for test results or re-scanning ", said Van Anh.

Like Ms. Van Anh, Mr. Hoang and his mother also tire of being scanned every time. His mother and son went from Ha Tinh to Hanoi to check for goiter. However, because the old film no longer retains the quality, the doctor has many difficulties in comparing and analyzing the progress of the disease.

"I have no experience in record keeping; hospitals manage hundreds of thousands of patient records and movies, but they are all hard copies, so it takes a lot of time to search, and many times they are lost. So every time I go to the doctor, I am tired," Mr. Hoang shared.

 “Cơn ác mộng chờ đợi” mỗi lần đi khám bệnh - Nỗi khổ không của riêng ai

"Nightmare waiting" every time you go to the doctor - The suffering does not belong to anyone.  

Although the Vietnamese health system has tried to optimize the management and storage of hospital records, it still cannot avoid inadequacies. For example, movies and records of diagnostic results are often managed separately, without synchronization, so it is easy to be confused and lost.  

To create a lifelong medical record for patients, optimize time, and increase accuracy in disease treatment, after 2 years of non-stop research and development, VinBrain has created an ecology with artificial intelligence (AI) as the core technology. The ecosystem consists of 2 components: Doctor Assistant DrAid™ - an AI product with the largest medical data set of X-rays in Vietnam - and AIviCare™ application - an intelligent online healthcare application.  

With these two products, a lifetime health record will include diagnostic results, medical images, medical records, and individual patient history. 

DrAid™ và AIviCare™ được sử dụng để thăm khám cho hàng nghìn người dân trong Hành trình “Thầy thuốc trẻ Thủ đô chăm sóc sức khỏe hậu COVID-19”

DrAid™ and AIviCare™ are used to examine thousands of people on the Journey "Young Doctor of the Capital to take care of health after COVID-19."  

Currently, DrAid™ is being trusted in more than 100 hospitals across the country and is highly appreciated for its effectiveness compared to traditional methods.  

Patients will have DrAid™ return medical images immediately to their phones after the examination. They can scan the QR code from the imaging report and access and review these results at any time, anywhere, without storing hard copies as usual.  

Bác sĩ tại Bệnh viện Trung Ương Huế sử dụng DrAid™ của VinBrain

Doctors at Hue Central Hospital use VinBrain's DrAid™

Meanwhile, "AI Assistant" DrAid™ helps doctors improve their work efficiency by screening abnormal and non-abnormal images with an accuracy of 97.14%. The abnormalities account for only 10-15% of each periodical health examination. Since then, doctors have had time to focus on carefully reviewing cases with abnormalities. With AI-assisted recommendations within 5 seconds, doctors can speed up image reading and improve diagnostic accuracy and consistency (9-25% increase based on doctors' experience in diagnostic accuracy depending on the patient's choice). 

 AIviCare™ - Ứng dụng tư vấn sức khoẻ trực tuyến với nhiều ưu điểm vượt trội

AIviCare™ - Online health consultation application with many outstanding advantages  

Step by step to conquering the international market 

 To maximize the power of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, VinBrain identifies the DrAid™ and AIviCare™ Technology Ecosystem as the first "brick" on the journey to expand access to high-quality health services to all people in the world, especially the poor in underdeveloped and developing countries.  

Recently, VinBrain has been officially selected by FINDDX to become one of the businesses reviewed and evaluated by this organization for long-term cooperation. Specifically, FINDDX will evaluate the DrAid™ product and develop a roadmap for extensive research cooperation to bring this product to be underdeveloped and developing countries. If it passes the rigorous tests from FINDDX, VinBrain's DrAid™ will be certified and allowed to be applied on a global scale to billions of people.  

Not only "catching the eye" of FINDDX, but DrAid™ products are also approved by Ferrum Health - a leading company in AI solutions for businesses with more than 20 customers who are large healthcare systems in Europe and North America. - distributed in the US market, promising to bring hope to reduce medical errors for about 7 million patients globally.  

No longer encapsulated in the role of an "assistant" to help improve diagnostic and treatment accuracy, the DrAid™, and AIviCare™ Technology Ecosystems are gradually moving towards the goal of medical equality for 4 billion people in the world. The community will enjoy and experience smart, convenient, and seamless service use processes with the health system, especially actively managing their lifelong health status. 

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