One Year of AI for Good: Celebrating VinBrain and Microsoft's Partnership

January 30, 2024
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VinBrain Microsoft MOA Partnership

It's been a year since VinBrain and Microsoft joined forces to revolutionize healthcare with AI! This collaboration, built on three pillars: Data Sharing; Cross-Validation, and Research & Development on the Microsoft Azure platform. 

A year ago, VinBrain made history as the first Vietnamese healthcare tech startup to partner with Microsoft. This powerhouse collaboration has given us access to top-tier resources, enabling us to consistently push the boundaries of AI in healthcare. 

Our flagship product, DrAid™, is an intelligent AI platform developed entirely by Vietnamese professionals. It empowers doctors with advanced AI tools for tasks like chest X-ray screening, abdominal CT scans, oncology diagnosis and treatment, screening for century diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis, and even managing entire hospitals. 

2023 was a banner year for VinBrain! We launched two new AI product lines for liver and rectal cancer diagnosis & treatment, and unveiled the DrAid™ Enterprise Data Solution. This comprehensive platform leverages cutting-edge Microsoft technologies like ChatGPT-4, and even features a virtual medical assistant called DrAid™ Copilot! Available 24/7, Copilot helps healthcare professionals boost productivity, improve quality, and securely access medical data with ease. 

Our 06 solutions have been widely introduced to thousands of imaging diagnostics experts both domestically and internationally through top leading technology conferences, and exhibitions such as RSNA 2023 in USA, CVPR 2023 in Canada, AOCNR & SGCR WIRES 2023 in Singapore, or VSRNM 2023 in Da Nang, Vietnam. Additionally, our platform has received positive feedback from doctors and healthcare professionals during their daily use. 

In 2024 and beyond, we envision a deeper, more impactful partnership with Microsoft, fueled by a shared passion for human-centered tech solutions. Together, we strive to elevate lives and empower communities, unlocking greater benefits for all. 

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