December 19, 2022
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Hanoi, December 9, 2022 ー A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between VinBrain and the Governing Council of University of Toronto. It was the first time a prestigious world-class university signed a MoU with a Vietnamese start-up company in healthtech.  

The ceremony took place not long after the Entrepreneurship Public Talk session ended.  Senior leaders of 3 institutions, representatives of start-ups, corporate, industry leaders, and students of VinUni witnessed this memorable moment. 

The objectives of this MoU are education, research and capacity collaborations to develop joint activities to address issues of mutual interests.  
The area of cooperation includes any programs offered by either VinBrain or University of Toronto determined to be desirable and feasible for developing cooperative relationships. 

The methods of cooperation include, subject to the availability of funds and the approval of each party, research and academic activities or programs such as: 

  • Joint research collaboration for smart healthcare and smart living applications 
  • Exploring avenues for data sharing and AI generalization  
  • Joint sponsorship of research projects 
  • Joint applications for funding for collaborative projects from relevant funding agencies, as well as providing guidance and support on specific opportunities. 
  • Participation in, and co-hosting of lectures, meetings, seminars, symposia and conferences 
  • Exchange of materials, publications and other information, within limits of legal rules and regulations 
  • Collaboration in other areas that foster research cooperation 

In a context where technology constantly transforms the world, helping humans consume less to achieve higher, such MoU between VinBrain and the University of Toronto is considered significant and strategic to widen the boundary in applying healthtech in Vietnam. On the other hand, it aims to generalize AI in the medical field in target markets of SEA, Europe, and North America. 

University of Toronto, with a history of 195 years old, is among the top 18 prestigious universities in the world, with extensive experience in education and training, AI research, intelligent health, and smart living solutions. And North America's largest networks of biomedical research, education, and clinical care, Faculty of Medicine Temerty at the University of Toronto consists of 9,000 faculty members and 9 fully affiliated research-intensive hospitals – and dozens of communities and clinical care sites. 

VinBrain is a leading company providing artificial intelligence (AI) products for medical applications. After only 3 years of establishment, VinBrain won the ACM SIGAI Artificial Intelligence Technology International Award in 2021. VinBrain’s DrAid™ is the leading AI product for chest X-ray diagnosis in Vietnam. and SEA has passed a series of rigorous quality tests to achieve FDA certification in Sept, 2022. Meanwhile, the leading AI marketplace Ferrum, USA has also added DrAid™  as AI-based products for X-rays to help deliver the highest quality patient care.  

It is a meaningful milestone to encourage talents and organizations, regardless of size and geography, to confidently pursue AI and health tech to improve living quality for themselves, their families, and society. 

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