Webinar "AI in Healthcare and Imaging."

September 24, 2022
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Following the success of the 3rd Webinar with Associate Professor Bui Van Giang, on September 16th, the 4th Webinar, "AI in Healthcare and Imaging," guess the picture," took place, attracting a lot of attention and shares. 

This 4th seminar is exceptional with the presence of 2 guests: 

  • Associate Professor Hoang Minh Loi is a leading expert and master in the field of musculoskeletal. He has trained many good doctors in Vietnam in musculoskeletal and diagnostic imaging. 
  • Along with that was Mr. Truong Quoc Hung - CEO of VinBrain, who has more than 25 years of experience holding senior leadership positions at leading technology companies in the US and Canada, including Senior Leader at Microsoft, Honeywell, and IntelliCommunities. 

Both guests have brought viewers beneficial and exciting knowledge, attracting not only people but also doctors and medical school students who are and will be working in the field of "Diagnosis image." 

More specifically, the Livestream was also broadcasted on radiology.com.vn (the official website of the Vietnam Association of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine) and Thaythuocvietnam.vn (the main website of the Vietnam Physicians Association) 

The report shows that the Livestream also attracted more than 62,000 people interested and watched, along with nearly 1,000 active interactions. 

With the success of the 4th Webinar, the "Knowledge for Life" series promises to bring even more exciting programs with helpful knowledge for people in general and those who are studying and working in medicine in particular. 

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