DrAid™ CT Liver Cancer by VinBrain made a remarkable debut at Stanford University, USA.

June 26, 2023

On June 9th, as part of the 4th Annual AIMI Symposium held at Stanford University School of Medicine in California, USA, a panel discussion titled "AI Outlook in Healthcare 2023" occurred. This symposium is one of the largest global conferences in the field of medical imaging.
The discussion featured the participation of numerous high-level experts in the healthcare industry from prominent organizations such as Stability AI, IBM, CARPL AI, and Bunkerhill Health.

As the sole representative from Vietnam participating in the panel discussion, Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, the CEO of VinBrain, introduced the latest product, DrAid™ Liver Cancer CT, a pioneering platform worldwide utilizing AI technology for early detection and diagnosis of liver cancer.

DrAid™ Liver Cancer CT is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that provides clinical support solutions for early diagnosis, automatically detects abnormal liver tumors, and helps oncologists plan treatment. The software accurately quantifies the volume of liver lesions to the millimeter and provides precise diameter measurements. Furthermore, the integration of ChatGPT technology facilitates the easy and accurate generation of medical reports, showcasing VinBrain's sensitivity and forward-thinking approach to technological trends. In addition, Mr. Hung introduced VinBrain's trio of solutions for major global health issues, promising a promising future for both patients and healthcare enterprises.

DrAid™ Chest X-ray, capable of detecting 52 abnormalities on chest X-ray images, assists physicians in faster diagnosis and minimizes the risk of overlooking subtle signs. DrAid™ Enterprise, with its ability to aggregate and provide in-depth analysis and reports, enables hospital managers to easily access information about medications, diseases, and departments in just a few seconds. The AI-as-a-Service platform named AIScaler™ offers comprehensive labeling services for technology companies and the development of medical devices.

In summary, Mr. Truong Quoc Hung revealed that a successful AI solution goes beyond achieving certifications such as FDA, ISO, or CE Markings. It also requires a solid corporate culture and discipline. As a result, the output products will meet safety and security standards, enabling businesses to take sustainable steps forward.

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