The AI platform that propels healthcare digital transformation, DrAid™ Enterprise Data, has been officially debuted

August 25, 2023
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DrAid™ Enterprise Data - an AI and Big Data-utilized enterprise data platform specialized for healthcare, has officially unveiled to professionals both domestically and internationally at the 24th Annual Scientific Congress, the largest academic forum of the Vietnam Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (VSRNM). 

DrAid™ Enterprise Data includes two solutions: DrAid™ Patient EMR Analysis, with  DrAid™ Copilot, the virtual medical assistant to execute all features in the solution, and DrAid™ Hospital Dashboard.

As a supportive tool for the medical force to make more accurate professional decisions, DrAid™ Patient EMR Analysis launches with 3 features: 

  • Automatically write comprehensive reports
  • Summarize and abstract medical records
  • Make recommendations to help personalize treatment (precision care)

The solution addresses the long-standing absence of a high-expertise virtual medical assistant capable of comprehensive 24/7 support: acting as a secretary, monitoring patients and timely warning doctors of patient conditions, supporting clinical decisions and helping doctors focus on improving the quality of personalized examinations and treatments. At the same time, it liberates doctors from tasks such as: manually writing reports, retrieving EMRs, comparing medical histories, looking up complex medical jargons. 

Doctors just need to input their requests/ inquiries into the chat box, their DrAid™ Copilot - "ChatGPT" will promptly get them to any topic they desire.  

As a key to manage and report complex and specific issues of healthcare organizations, along with optimize workflow, DrAid™ Hospital Dashboard launches with 3 features:  

  • Visual reports
  • Hospital management assistant
  • Trend forecasting

The solution will report and analyze multiple indicators of hospital activities with a new generation interface: fully integrated - all in one, bringing many conveniences. At the same time, it liberates hospital administrators from the shortcomings of the existing healthcare management system such as: disparate management software only performing a few functions, lack of integration between departments, between different health service providers, lack of synchronization, lack of digital infrastructure (cloud); lack of an excellent professional assistant capable of forecasting based on deep analysis with big data.  

The two solutions in DrAid™ Enterprise Data help to standardize, centralize, innovate work habits, "liberate labor", create many conveniences and openness for organizing, connecting, managing data: patient health data, healthcare and non-healthcare management data, especially in the context of Vietnam taking 2023 as the year of digital data.  

The launch was like a fresh breeze bringing "technology" vitality to academic exchanges. DrAid™ Enterprise Data has received many responses, contributions beyond expectations from doctors, healthcare managers, and honored guests at the conference, after they directly "engaged" in experiencing this new generation technology.  

Thanks to the AI and AI Synthesis revolution, with the core of the DrAid™ Enterprise Data platform being the DrAid™ Copilot medical virtual assistant, this "ChatGPT" dedicated to healthcare developed on the Generative AI platform will jointly build a synchronized and sustainable digital healthcare system, having a long-term impact on the quality of future healthcare services. 

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