DrAid™ CoPilot (Generative AI/ChatGPT) Empowering Robust Healthcare Digital Transformation

August 16, 2023
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 On Aug 10, 2023, VinBrain's CEO Steven Truong, shared the topic: "DrAid™ - Generative AI and Its Powerful Impacts on Digital Transformation" at the 1st Healthcare Digital Transformation Conference in Can Tho City. The event was attended by 150 delegates including Government agencies’ representatives, officials in Can Tho, and outstanding domestic technology and telecommunications enterprises. During the seminar, CEO Steven Truong emphasized the applications of AI in general, and Generative AI in particular in the healthcare digital transformation process.
Watch the presentation here: 
Subsequently, he delved deeper into the Company's flagship product line – DrAid™ AI, introducing entirely novel solutions: DrAid™ Enterprise Data, a platform for hospital data analytics and forecasting, comprising two core solutions:
  • DrAid™ for Patient EMR Analytics automatically generates medical reports in 25 languages, summarizes patient examination histories, compares treatment progress, provides real-time alerts, and offers precise care recommendations to each patient.
  • DrAid™ for Hospital Dashboard revolutionizes centralized data management through systemization, and automation both medical and non-medical data, utilizes complex statistics and data to formulate management strategies and predictions.

DrAid™ Enterprise Data with its capabilities, liberates the time of healthcare professionals from humdrum tasks, allowing them to focus on tasks that require empathy, creativity and human touch. DrAid™ Copilot (physicians’ “Generative AI/ ChatGPT”) will retrieve and handle to all inquiries regarding automated medical report generation, patient health tracking, summarization, and precision care suggestions. 

The sharing session gained much interest and attentions from hundreds of doctors from various specialties at the seminar, promising a bright future for DrAid™ in domestic hospitals. With its multitasking capability and boundless strength, AI/ChatGPT is expected to be widely used in hospitals nationwide, partnering with doctors and healthcare administrators to automate and optimize various hospital processes.

With robust AI assistance in precise data analysis and prediction, the entire healthcare workflow from reception, examination, treatment, to medical records management will steadily streamline, ensuring convenient access that grows exponentially over time to enhance patient experiences.

With the Government's #paramount focus on healthcare as a cornerstone of the "National Digital Transformation Program until 2025, vision to 2030," the prioritization of digital infrastructure and platforms is underway. At the forefront of this drive is VinBrain, spearheading the digital transformation of healthcare through core AI technology. This transformation aims to bolster decision-making with the aid of an intelligent database system.

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