Calendar 23/06/2022

Technology, especially artificial intelligence, has been significantly improving the quality of modern life. With human creativity, the application of artificial intelligence is unlimited. One of the most practical applications directly related to the improvement of healthcare operations is the development of the “smart hospital” trend. In these advanced medical facilities, artificial intelligence technology is applied to significantly enhance the efficiency of medical examination and treatment.

Recently, AI technology itself has also made great progress in automatic disease diagnosing, significantly improving the speed of diagnosis. Huge data on normal images, pathology, body indexes... will be "labeled" by scientists, loaded into the computer, sorted, processed..., from which the computer can identify, classify, and then make diagnoses when it comes in contact with certain patient data. Although the process of data learning is the same with humans, computers "learn" faster, "remember" more accurately and the amount of memory data is almost endless, so AI is as good at diagnosing as leading experts and can be reproduced worldwide quickly and inexpensively.

In Vietnam, VinBrain Company (belonging to Vingroup) confidently takes the lead in artificial intelligence technology applied in healthcare. According to medicalstartups, VinBrain is the only AI company in Vietnam to be ranked in the top 281 Healthcare Startups in the world today. Standing next to many big startups in the industry, such as Freenome, Olive, Babylon,... VinBrain has affirmed its position and is constantly taking steps to reach out to the world.

Có thể là tranh biếm họa về 4 người và văn bản cho biết 'DrAid BBrain H DrAid Giải pháp hữu hiệu trong xu hướng "BỆNH VIỆN THÔNG MINH"'

VinBrain's products have brought a lot of value to the community since the day of their implementation. The company's pioneering product - DrAid - applying artificial intelligence technology to enhance accuracy in diagnostic imaging - up to 25%. Through X-ray film, Dr.Aid's algorithm will identify signs of lung pathology by comparing it with a data warehouse standardized by the Medical Advisory Council from VinBrain and Stanford University, USA.

Stanford University is known for its academic prowess and is ranked as one of the top universities in the world. VinBrain is proud to be one of eight Stanford partners worldwide and the only one in Vietnam. VinBrain and Stanford University have established a multi-faceted cooperation relationship aimed at practical values ​​in medicine, most notably the cooperation to standardize the description and labeling process. In health care in general and diagnostic imaging in particular, the consensus among doctors only accounts for 60-70% of diagnostic decisions, and there are a few methods of reading images according to US or European standards. Therefore, VinBrain has collaborated with the world's leading university Stanford and leading doctors in Vietnam to standardize the description and labeling process applied in DrAid products. Thanks to the effective virtual assistant DrAid, the doctor's consultation time is optimized up to 30% (recorded at Nam Dinh Provincial Lung Hospital).

The effectiveness of DrAid has been clearly demonstrated in the process of fighting the Covid-19 epidemic. The high accuracy of the artificial intelligence algorithm makes DrAid a reliable tool to filter Covid-19 patients (besides the PCR test) and help doctors and nurses easily predict developments and make timely decisions.

This positive result is a premise for VinBrain to confidently put Vietnam on the "golden chart” of high-tech applied medicine and share our vision as well as dedicated products to the world. The above achievements are the initial success, opening the opportunity for VinBrain to boldly bring AI deeper into the medical and healthcare fields and reaffirm once again the company's mission: Improve life for everyone by the power of AI and IOT.



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