November 22, 2022
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More than 30% of business leaders surveyed consider digital transformation to be a vital issue, confirming its effectiveness in many aspects, especially increasing labor productivity and speeding up creativity. In particular, the timekeeping AI camera is one of the applications of digital transformation to solve difficulties in salary and administrative management for Vietnamese businesses.  

Grasping this trend, VinBrain is proud to be one of the pioneers in building and developing AI solutions applying the most advanced technologies integrated into the surveillance camera system with a product called AIviCam™.  


With the ability to accurately recognize faces, AIviCam™ timekeeping helps the HR department reduce the workload by up to 90%. The outstanding features of AIviCam™ must be mentioned such as: automation of time attendance, elimination of all frauds, effective time management, easy installation, security assurance, etc. Besides, when compared with Traditional fingerprint dot, AIviCam™ also brings many benefits to businesses such as:  

  • Cheaper cost than fingerprint time attendance  
  • Preeminent features, invest once, use for life
  • Optimizing the workload of management personnel 

Overall, AIviCam™ has advanced far beyond traditional fingerprint timekeeping in both features and cost. With a view that could bring a change, creating new values on high level, AIviCam ™ promising to be a top-rated business manager, to support the most successful business productive performance and effectiveness of business.

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