333 International & Domestic Newspapers Report on VinBrain's Cooperation in the US Hospital Chain

July 24, 2023

The event of a Vietnamese AI healthcare product being commercialized and integrated into the Imaging Diagnostics stream at the Nutex Health Hospital System (USA) has become a hot topic and widely discussed in both domestic and international news outlets.

In just two days, on July 3rd and 4th, this news was covered across 333 news pages and headlines worldwide, with 170 headlines originating from the United States (making up 60%). Notably, platforms with millions of daily visitors, such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and Nasdaq, also reported on it, attracting significant interest from the USA.

This isn't the end; well-regarded newspapers in Southeast Asia in particular, and Asia in general, as well as various platforms scattered across Europe and Africa, have also acknowledged the first steps of DrAid™ Chest X-ray into the vast global arena.

This can be seen as good news for the healthcare sector in the region, mainly when digital transformation and healthcare equality are top priorities in Vietnam and leading nations in the technology field.

This demonstrates that Vietnamese AI solutions can overcome various challenges in data collection to pioneer practical solutions immediately applicable to the healthcare industry in many demanding markets. The DrAid™ product has also addressed a pertinent issue by somewhat alleviating the shortcomings in countries with high diagnostic costs. Still, there's a severe shortage of medical resources compared to the volume of medical image data that needs to be processed daily in hospitals like those in the United States – a situation not unfamiliar to many developed countries worldwide.

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