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Diffeomorphism Matching for Fast Self-supervised Learning on Radiographs
Automatic Radiology Report Editing through Voice
Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in reading Chest X-rays for Tuberculosis screening in Vietnam
VisualCheXbert: Addressing the Discrepancy Between Radiology Report Labels and Image Labels
GOAL: Gist-set Online Active Learning for Efficient Chest X-ray Image Annotation
ColorRL: Reinforced Coloring for End-to-End Instance Segmentation
Correcting susceptibility artifacts of MRI sensors in brain scanning: a 3D anatomy-guided deep learning approach
XPGAN: X-Ray Projected Generative Adversarial Network for Improving COVID-19 Image Classification, ISBI 2021 
CheXphoto: 10,000+ Photos and Transformations of Chest X-rays for Benchmarking Deep Learning Robustness