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Adopt LLM chatbot into healthcare: DrAid™ Copilot - the first chatbot for medical professionals in Southeast Asia

True to its name, Copilot, this assistant optimally meets all the information and healthcare data needs of doctors and managers, swiftly filtering and assisting them in making the most accurate and objective decisions.
Author: VinBrain - Marketing

VinBrain has unveiled DrAid™ Copilot, a revolutionary 24/7 virtual healthcare assistant tailored for doctors and medical managers, as of June 2023. This leading-edge tool leverages the latest in artificial intelligence language model (LLMs) chatbot technology. The introduction of DrAid™ Copilot in Southeast Asia signifies a pivotal leap forward in employing AI to enrich medical expertise. 

What sets DrAid™ Copilot apart from similar AI-powered chatbots by tech giants like Google or Microsoft is its exceptional ability to comprehend and respond to queries - inclusive of those loosely related to healthcare. It navigates through conversations with ease, adept at handling complex medical terminology and suggesting relevant healthcare topics with remarkable speed and accuracy. 

As its name suggests, DrAid™ Copilot fulfills the comprehensive informational needs of healthcare professionals. It streamlines the process of sifting through data, aiding doctors and managers in making well-informed choices swiftly. DrAid™ Copilot has proven its usefulness and ability to provide seamless experiences in terms of space and time, from screening, searching, and gathering medical information to generating patient records or creating illustrative charts. 

One of its cornerstone features is the automated generation of medical reports via speech or text, harnessing natural language processing. What sets it apart is that these reports adhere to the RadReport template from the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), ensuring they meet exact medical standards. This function alone can cut down report-writing time by two-thirds daily, significantly boosting productivity while freeing up doctors to concentrate on diagnosing and treating patients. Furthermore, DrAid™ Copilot boasts multilingual capabilities, supporting translations into over 25 languages. This feature is indispensable for Vietnamese doctors requiring consultation with international peers and equally advantageous for global doctors adopting the tool. 

Disease progression on two medical images comparison feature by DrAid™ Copilot

Another remarkable capability is its side-by-side comparison of medical images for clinical evaluations by physicians, reinforcing DrAid™'s commitment to advancing accurate medicine, personalizing healthcare solutions, aiming to deliver better quality diagnosis and treatment outcomes for patients. 

EMR summary feature of DrAid™ Copilot

Lastly, DrAidCopilot's dashboard creation and trend prediction features are essential tools for healthcare managers striving for situational awareness and resource optimization. 

The invaluable role of artificial intelligence in healthcare is clear: AI cannot replace doctors but aiding them, reducing their workload and assisting them in making more accurate and timely decisions. DrAid™ Copilot is integrated into the entire DrAid™ suites, providing a comprehensive and seamless experience, serving as an indispensable virtual healthcare assistant for medical professionals. 

Tailored to meet specific requirements, DrAid™ Copilot is continually evolving, innovating additional features informed by rigorous testing in prominent Vietnamese hospitals such as 108 Military Central Hospital and Vinmec International General Hospital. 

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