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Health March 19, 2024

Can Pipe Tobacco Eliminate Tuberculosis? The Truth Revealed!

Let us clarify the relationship between pipe tobacco and tuberculosis
Author: VinBrain

Waterpipe tobacco, scientifically known as Nicotiana rustica, is a species of plant widely grown in tropical regions. Vietnamese still consider tobacco plants a type of traditional medicine. Tobacco can help stop bleeding directly from minor cuts. In addition, tobacco leaves can treat burns, prevent leech bites, provide first aid for snake bites, treat scabies for animals, eliminate aphids, destroy crop pests,... Water from tobacco pipes is used to treat ringworm due to the mild anti-inflammatory properties of this herbaceous plant.

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According to ScienceDirect, pipe tobacco is also present in traditional folk remedies in China, India, and some African countries and is effective in treating many different diseases. The leaves are used externally to treat rheumatism, swelling, skin diseases, pain, and stings [1].

In an article published in 1924 in the scientific magazine Science, the author also reported the specific uses of pipe tobacco in controlling insects such as aphids, leafhoppers, and red spiders, based on specific chemical analysis [2].

However, no scientific evidence proves that tobacco can kill tuberculosis bacteria. Tuberculosis can only be treated by medication following the doctor's prescribed regimen. Thus, it can be concluded that smoking waterpipes to repel tuberculosis is totally not true.

Besides, the harmful effects of waterpipe tobacco are that the Nicotine content is 1-3% higher than regular cigarettes and has addictive properties when used. The benefits are outweighed by the harm not only to the health and impact on the respiratory system of those who directly use pipe tobacco but also to those who inhale it passively. In fact, tobacco has been pointed out by the WHO as the cause of 20 different types of cancer. People who smoke for more than 15 years are at high risk. So, in reality, cigarettes and waterpipe tobacco are both poisons for the lungs.

Symptoms of tuberculosis include:

- Cough lasting more than 3 weeks (dry cough, cough with phlegm, cough with blood)
- Chest pain, sometimes difficulty breathing
- Feeling tired all the time
- Excessive sweating at night
- Fever in the afternoon
- Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss

People with symptoms need to immediately go to medical facilities for advice on TB screening and timely treatment. In addition, it is necessary to get screened if you are exposed to or live in poor environments that do not meet health standards or if someone in your family has had tuberculosis.

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