14 Loại Hình Robot Y Tế Mới Nhất Ứng Dụng Trong Bệnh Viện: Hiện Đại Hóa Chăm Sóc Sức Khỏe
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Medical Robots and The Latest 14 Applications in Hospitals

Explore the modernization of healthcare with 14 new types of medical robots, ushering the healthcare industry into an advanced era.
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Medical Robots and the Latest 14 Applications in Hospitals

Hospitals are witnessing strong innovation with the emergence of advanced medical robotics. Discover the latest 14 types of medical robots and their applications in hospitals, significantly improving healthcare.

Medical Robotics

Medical Robot In Detecting Pigment Infections:

Robots equipped with sensors to detect pigment infections. Additionally, they help determine infection rates and search for risk areas, reducing the risk of infection in hospitals.

Medical Robots In Medication Serving:

Enhancing the efficiency of medication dispensing processes, Robots can serve and deliver medications according to schedules, reducing the workload of healthcare staff.

Medical Robots In Automated Operating Room:

Using robotic technology to perform complex surgical procedures reduces errors and increases intervention accuracy.

Dermatologic Surgery Assistance Robots:

Assisting surgeons in dermatologic surgeries, Robots reduce surgical time and minimize patient invasiveness.

Rapid Virus Testing Robots:

Using automated testing technology, Robots can quickly test for viruses and bacteria, helping to assess patients' health status promptly.

Psychological Support Robots:

Providing psychological support for patients and healthcare workers through interactive robots providing accurate health information.

Sample Transportation Moving Robots:

Enhancing accuracy in sample transportation from hospitals to laboratories. These robots help reduce the risk of loss and waiting time.

Function Recovery Support Robots:

Used to support patients' functional recovery through exercises and activities based on treatment plans.

Home Patient Care Robots:

Mobile robots can visit and provide home care services, relieving pressure on essential medical services.

Blood Pressure Testing Robots:

Automating the blood pressure measurement and continuously collecting data to monitor patient health.

Direct Communication Robots:

Creating opportunities for direct communication between doctors and patients through telepresence robots. Robots help reduce the burden on healthcare teams and increase interaction.

Cosmetic Service Support Robots:

Using robots to support cosmetic services reduces workload and speeds up surgery preparation.

Elderly Care Robots:

Providing daily care for the elderly. Robots help them maintain health and reduce pressure on long-term care centers.

Cleaning and Sterilizing Robots:

Enhancing cleanliness in hospitals by using robots to clean and sterilize critical areas, reducing the risk of infection.

These types of robots not only provide high efficiency in hospital management but open up a promising future with flexible integration of technology and healthcare. This translates into improving healthcare quality and creating a safe and convenient environment for patients and healthcare workers.

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