Along with the rapid development of the 4.0 technology revolution, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to life strongly, replacing many manual and labor-intensive jobs. In particular, the application of artificial intelligence technology to security cameras is a new step in the field of image surveillance. VinBrain is proud to be one of the pioneers in building and developing AI solutions, applying the most advanced technologies integrated into the monitoring system, bringing change, creating new life values ​​with Superior level

About AIviCam™

AIviCam™  is a comprehensive software solution that applies artificial intelligence and security cameras to automatically identify and detect events and behaviors accurately… In order to meet the needs of security control and analysis. data and provide information to individuals, businesses and organizations. AIviCam™  allows automatic detection of actions via surveillance cameras and sends instant alerts with pictures/videos of the scene of the action at the moment it happens to relevant people through messaging software. common or through a customer's own application.

Product Highlight

Analyze and identify behavior with an accuracy rate of up to 95%

Minimize storage, operation and management costs with automatic and instant notification features

24/7 security control

Multi-field application

Why choose AIviCam™ ?

  • World leading product quality
  • Available AI products, successfully rolled out
  • Mastering technology with an advanced technology platform
  • Ready to meet highly demanding technical requirements.

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