DrAid™ AI PACS Cloud

Cloud-based PACS differs from traditional PACS as its storage and features are provided by cloud-based servers. It frees hospitals from the cost of maintaining an onsite data center with heavy equipment and IT staffs to handle daily backups, server maintenance and security measure. Doctors can also easily access medical records anytime anywhere, simplifying their daily workflow and allowing case collaboration between doctors. This is the ideal solution for hospitals and health facilities looking for a new radiology workflow solution with low cost-of-entry.

About DrAid ™ AI PACS Cloud

VinBrain AI PACS Cloud is a PACS solution that combines virtualization and cloud computing technology with the function of archiving and communicating medical images following HL7 and DICOM standard.

  • Combine the power of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, taking medical diagnostic and archiving solution to the next level

  • Assist doctors in classifying and prioritizing severe cases, allowing timely diagnosis and treatment for patients

Product Highlights

AI doctor assistant detecting 21 abnormalities and diseases on Chest X-rays

Full set of image analysis tools

Second opinion feature allowing doctors to consult other doctors on difficult cases

Auto-generated medical report by AI with heatmap and border

Smart assistant helping doctors to make medical report by speaking

Real-time image and medical report sharing via QR Code or link

Why DrAid™ AI PACS Cloud?

  • AI doctor assistant helps doctors to improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of medical diagnosis
  • Secure and scalable cloud data storage that doctors can access anytime anywhere via mobile and web
  • Cost-saving by eliminating the cost of initial IT infrastructure investment (compared to traditional PACS solutions), the cost of hard film and improving doctors’ productivity

How It Works

DrAid™ AI PACS Cloud Demo

Schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists as you wish. This will allow us to find out what your requirements are, answer any questions and discuss how our solutions can help you and your organisation. 


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