Thalassemia is an inherited hematologic disease associated with hemoglobin abnormalities, and is a common inherited blood disease with high treatment costs in medical research around the world.

Overcrowding for central hospitals. Only 17 hospitals can perform hemoglobin electrophoresis test, 17 provinces can do erythrocyte osmolarity test.

Not equipped with adequate knowledge about the disease, lack of equipment, diagnosis is very simple, sketchy, treatment quality is limited.

Not fully aware of the disease as well as the danger of the disease. The cost for each treatment is a lifetime burden, especially for families in rural and mountainous areas.


Desktop version for health workers

Make recommendations on the risk of carrying the Thalassemia gene from routine testing (Complete Blood Count, Biochemical Blood Test)


Make recommendations on other causes of anemia (Iron deficiency anemia, Thalassemia Alpha gene anemia, Thalassemia beta gene anemia) to help raise awareness and professional qualifications for health workers


Centralize data to help manage Thalassemia carriers' information nationwide

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Mobile verison for citizen

Automatically recognize the indicators in test sheet to make recommendations about the risk of carrying Thalassemia gene.
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