Smart Access

With the aim to enhance security in public areas, we deploy the latest technologies of facial recognition which can automatically recognize people of interest from CCTV videos and classify them into different groups.  Our solution is easy to navigate the face identification or access control system to allow access and unlock the door without having to carry keys, cards or using fingerprints, saving time and limiting the risk of key or card loss. At the same time, it also enhances the building manager’s ability to monitor and manage the data of people at an access point at offices, buildings, smart cities, support the detection of strangers or blacklisted people accessing restricted locations. 

Our AI Solution

We provide an AI solution for analyzing and recognizing faces quickly (including advanced solution of detecting blacklist, unknown people or cover total face people) with high accuracy through AI-powered cameras at entry and exit locations. The solution is designed best for areas that require control of identities such as buildings in urban areas, private homes, offices, restricted areas. It is easy to integrate into thousands of CCTV and doesn’t require too expensive or high-class cameras.

Smart Access Solution 

  • Blacklist People Detection 
  • Unknown People Detection 
  • Cover total face Detection 

Product Highlights

Usage Scenarios




Urban Areas