DrAid for Radiology

“DrAid™ for Radiology” – the AI Doctor Assistant for Radiology is the first product of VinBrain and also the first AI-powered healthcare product in Vietnam officially launched on 14th June 2020. The product can detect and screen over 21 abnormalities and diseases of heart – lung – bone with an accuracy of over 89%.


Radiology - Woman

Only 3 radiologists per 100,000 population while we need at least 8 radiologists per 100,000 population to keep patients safe.

Radiology - Bellows

> 30% radiologists miss abnormal findings which lead to serious problem or even death

Radiology - Bellows

40% doctor’s time spent on administrative works

Our AI Solution


Alleviate the shortage of radiologists

Interpret radiological images automatically and optimize doctors’ workflow.


Improve the speed, accuracy & consistency of medical diagnosis & treatment

Achieve accuracy rate of 89,3% & response time < 5 seconds, provide searchable data storage for Xray, CT and MRI images.


Save time for doctors

Provide AI auto-generated medical report that doctors can revise by voice recognition.

Our AI Solution


Website Application
Mobile Application

Smart Assistant

Doctors can make medical report by speaking. Beat Google WER for Medical report Speech2Text (6.6 versus 21.17)


Second Opinion

Doctors can seek advice from another doctor on DrAid

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  • Sensitivity = 90.1%, Specificity = 99.0%, F1 = 90.5%.
  • Top 1 in first round assessment of AI TB solutions rated by FIT.
  • Convinced with high-standard of the VinBrain’s TB performance result, CDC USA and FIT proposed VinBrain to co-author a White Paper and a Protocol on “Utilizing AI in interpreting CXR for Tuberculosis”
  • Finalist in Global COVID-19 Pandemic Response Challenge with a prize purse of up to USD500,000 organized by XPRIZE and Cognizant.

  • Biggest Hospital for Children in the USA - Children’s Hospital Colorado, directly ordered VinBrain to develop AI model for diagnosis of COVID-19 for children under 16 years old.

  • The only Vietnamese product assists diagnosis & prognosis of COVID-19 based on X-ray & available on both Google Play Store & Apple Store.

  • Donated the Ministry of Health the DrAid™ COVID-19 application and accompanying equipment FOR FREE to support the diagnosis and prognosis of COVID-19 treatment.


Vinmec International Hospital – National Lung Hospital

Thai Nguyen National Hospital

National Tropical Diseases Hospital

Tay Nguyen General Hospital

Hue National Hospital

National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

Hue Medical University Hospital

HCMC Medical University Center

84 Hospital
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