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About AIviCare

AIviCare is a SaaS (Software as a Service) B2C healthcare platform, providing telehealth services, online drug selling, managing personal health records and personalizing healthcare journey for users.

In particular, our AI will analyze clinical symptoms, combined with users’ health information collected over time (habit, medical history, ...) to recommend them right specialty, right doctor at the right time. The platform also provides AI assistant to assist doctors in diagnosing heart-lung-bone-hematologic diseases thus helping to increase the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

AIviCare services

Online health consultation

AIviCare AI chatbot optimize connection of patient to doctors based on their healthcare needs. Users receive online health advice from AIviCare’s dedicated and experienced doctors team anytime, anywhere.

Online diagnosis

After every online examination session, the doctor's conclusions, indications, prescriptions and other relevant documents will be sent to patient’s AIviCare profile. Users can easily connect with doctors who have examined them when they need advice during treatment.

Online medical records

Users can consult medical history, doctor’s conclusion, indication and prescriptions with ease on AIviCare’s information management system, thereby improve diagnosis quality in the following visits with doctors.

Free diagnosis, treatment & recovery consultation for COVID-19 patients

The only platform that automatically synchronize F0 medical history on SmartCare, thereby helping doctors follow patient’s progress, provide appropriate treatment plan. AIviCare for COVID-19 automatically reminds patients of follow-up visits based on their diagnosis and actual condition following CDC’s standard protocol.

Online pharmacy

Patients can buy drugs from a pharmacy affiliated with AIviCare or use a drug delivery service. Medicines are delivered with quality assurance, price transparency and guaranted origin. Patients are now able to buy the appropriate medicine, get the right treatment, and minimize the cost and time of treatment.

Comprehensive healthcare solution

Right doctor for the right care

A team of qualified and experienced doctors from leading hospitals in Vietnam like HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Hue Central Hospital, Vinmec International Hospital System,... provide direct diagnosis accurate treatment advice for patients from distance. In particular, AIviCare uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assist doctors in diagnosing 22+ abnormalities & diseases of Heart - Lungs - Bones - Hematology, helping to increase diagnosis and treatment efficiency and accuracy.

Right doctor for the right care

Optimizing cost and time

Online examination saves patients’ money and time, by cutting off waiting time at hospital and medical facilities. Moreover, AIviCare uses AI technology to analyze input information including clinical symptoms, living habits, medical history,... to administrator users to the right specialty, with the right doctor, at the right time. By using SmartCare, patients can minimize the visit time and medical cost.

Optimizing cost and time

24/7 personal health assistant

AIviCare allows patients to save electronic health records by chronological order (history of medical visits) and spatial order (different formats of medical records: medical reports, laboratory results, medical images,...). AIviCare's AI will simultaneously synthesize and analyze users' health information from electronic health records on SmartCare system, like living habits and medical history, to provide appropriate healthcare, disease prevention recommendations or customized treatment recommendation. Patients are equiped with a personal health assistant, monitoring and taking care of their health anytime, anywhere.

24/7 personal health assistant

Optimal design for user experience

With an optimized user interface, AIviCare provide mobile user a wonderful user journey. Well structured and easy navigation ensures that all users have equal access to high quality, online healthcare services on AIviCare.

Optimal design for user experience

Comprehensive Healthcare Platform
  • Online healthcare service anytime, anywhere
  • Medical records management
  • Interpretation of subclinical results
  • Life-long healthcare planning
  • Drugs online shopping


  • Personal user
  • Business user

Medical products providers

  • Insurance companies
  • Pharmacies

Medical services providers

  • Doctors
  • Hospitals 
  • Medical testing

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  • Reduce overload for high-level hospitals
  • Increase revenue through delivering healthcare service beyond the hospital campus
  • Increase patient satisfaction by increasing service quality, reducing waiting time


  • Reduce pressure from the daily excessive number of patients coming to the hospital for medical examination and treatment.
  • Increase income through out-of-hours medical examination and treatment on AIviCare platform.
  • Reduce the risk of infection by reducing direct contact with patients.


  • Increase revenue by expanding sales channels and customers through AIviCare
  • Connect and stay connected with shopper on AIviCare platform.
  • Understand drug use needs, trends and behaviors through AIviCare's statistics.


  • Provide customers with more insurance options.
  • Prevent insurance fraud thanks to AIviCare to help reduce errors in insurance assessment and payment
  • Help personalize insurance plans for customers based on their budget and medical history recorded on AIviCare.

Medical laboratory

  • Reduce overload
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase convenience and quality of customer service

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