About AIScaler

AIScaler gathers the training data, people, and processes of data labeling in one powerful collaboration platform, allowing better, easier and faster AI production.

Product Highlights

Provides both manual labeling and automatic labeling options to best fit your needs

Comprehensive set of labeling tools for different types of labeling, including polygon, polyline and boundingbox

Data storage on Microsoft Azure Cloud – allowing large data storage that is both safe and stable

19 AI models available on AIScaler including face recognition, object detection, … with up to 99% accuracy for multiple model training purposes

Why AIScaler?

  • All-in-one platform that is easy for everyone to manage and collaborate
  • Faster and accurate labeling process to help you build high-quality training data
  • Reduce your operational cost with our flexible pricing option to fit all project size
  • Our flexible platform allows you to build and change workflows that suit your labeling requirements as you grow.
  • High-quality AI models that are available for a variety of use cases

How It Works

AIScaler Demo

Schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists as you wish. This will allow us to find out what your requirements are, answer any questions and discuss how our solutions can help you and your organisation. 

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